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Monday, July 30, 2012

30 July 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta na kayo!?
Mabuti nakauwi na si dad na walang aksidente! The Wind Rivers trip sounds and looks like another great success. Save me a horse for next year. Haha. That just seems wrong to do a trip like that though and not have a dog! Too bad Milo is starting to run out of gas. Maybe its time to start getting a brother or sister for Milo so that I can have a camping/hiking buddy when I get home and Milo can't keep up. :) That's way cool there was actually wildlife this trip.
I can't help but laugh when I read that dad is stuck yet again with the Young Men. Pretty sure that is a lifetime calling for dad. And you GET to start going to Mutual activities again. Yesterday, we (really the Shaners) made history in the Mallig branch by holding the first ever Mutual activity. Because it is difficult for youth to meet together (live too far away, paying for transportation/no public transportation at night), they are allowed to have Mutual on Sundays after church. It was a great turnout and even had a couple of investigators stick around. Not to mention the food that the Shaners provided was delicious. I'm glad most Filipinos can't handle very sweet stuff because I was able to have more than my fair share of a cake that she made. One persons loss is another persons gain. :) It was also a great day at church yesterday and might have been the highest attendance I've seen here-about 60. We were starting to worry about space to put the chairs! It was also very rewarding to see Ermhel (baptized back with me and Elder Llorin) give her first talk in church and listen to her testimony.
Transfers are next week and I will most likely be given the boot out of Mallig seems how I've been here over 4 months. President Carlos also strongly implied to me that I would be transferred last time I talked to him. Even he started making jokes about why I had a reputation for staying in areas forever. There aren't too many missionaries that have been out over a year and only have 2 areas. It's been great though because I actually get to know people and familiar with the area. I definitely get my share of walking here though, which is shown by my shoes. I can now officially put my finger all the way through my "waterproof" eccos. My other pair has a hole starting to grow on the toe. The tops are still in great shape though! Haha. I'll see if I can take it to a street corner guy when I'm actually in a city and see what can be done. Hopefully its as simple as slapping some tire tread on the bottom.
President Carlos just announced that we are officially the highest ranking mission out of all the Philippines and region (Asia, all of Pacific, New Zealand, etc.) in terms of baptisms and teaching effectiveness. Pretty cool huh?
So, about the rash-basically, the doctor said I'm allergic to heat/humidity/sweating too much. It's most likely not an allergy, probably just heat rash. Which makes sense because on the "cool" days here it doesn't seem as bad. But when it is really hot my arms and legs turn red with little spots and itch pretty good. The doctor said even though I've been here a year, my body is just now telling me it is sick of dealing with the heat/humidity. And, there's really nothing to do about it other than live somewhere cooler. It's alright though, that problem will be solved when I go home in less than a year.
Well, thanks for everything. God be with til we write again!
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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