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Monday, August 6, 2012

6 August 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta po sa inyong lahat!
Well, to answer the barrage of questions about transfers and where I now am, I'm still here in Mallig because transfers are this week and I still don't know! Haha. But don't worry, I'll be sure to answer all of those questions next week so you can stop waiting on one foot and the next. But, yesterday was a great last Sunday (most likely) here in Mallig. We officially broke the history in Mallig with the highest church attendance. The record was 81, but now it is at a whopping 84! We actually thought people were going to have to start sitting in different rooms and just listen during sacrament instead of being in the same room (which I guess is really 2 rooms-the kitchen and the living room). However, with some squishing and rearranging of things, we were able to squeeze in there. It was rewarding to see so many people we have been working with come to church, including less actives that I had never met before. We even had 5 investigators there. Two of the investigators that I have started teaching my first week here have now felt like they know enough about the Church to be able exercise their faith and accept a baptismal commitment next week. Even though I most likely won't be here for their baptism, that is the reason I like to stay in areas for so long--I get to see people grow and develop from being new investigators to being baptized and turn into active church members. It made the day even better when we were actually able to have a decent meeting with the branch president so I could answer his questions about what to do with a list of people recommended for callings and how the Young Women program (seems how I know so much about it.... Haha) is supposed to be organized. The extra benefits of being a missionary in Mallig. :)
I was able to get my shoes resoled so no worries about that. It only cost about 12 bucks to do it, so its quite a bit cheaper than having to buy and ship new shoes. Even though they feel about 10lbs heavier with the new sole, they look decent and hopefully will work well.
The rash looks like it has gone down a little bit, but it has been a little cooler and rainy these last few days which has helped. Not that it really matters because there really isn't anything to do about it anyways...
Well, other than that, nothing else exciting has happened this week. It's just been another week of walking, teaching, sweating, and sliding around in mud trying to get places. 
Don't forget who you are!
Mahal Kita, 
Elder Nay

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