Philippines Cauayan Mission

Friday, August 19, 2011

MTC #7

Magandang hapon!‏

Michael Nay (
Fri 8/19/11 8:07 PM

Well it sounds like it has been an interesting week at home! Much more interesting than anything here anyways. Just the same stuff different day! Nothing near as exciting as customizing the size of fingers. On the bright side though, Dad can still say he hasn't broken a bone in his body-he just chops them off instead! Haha. I can't imagine how much that would have hurt. I get upset when I get a paper cut on the tip of my finger, and I'm pretty sure I'd be a little upset if I chopped the tip of it off. But at least you were doing something manly and you have something to show all of the grandkids about the cradles they slept in. There must be some pretty cool pictures though! I'm guessing there was a lot of blood and you could probably even do a little anatomy lesson on the finger. Could you see the bone and all of that cool stuff? Did the tip of the finger come off in one clean slice to be able to take it in to the ER with you or was it hacked up pretty good? I need pictures and details! Haha. The timing of it is too bad though, having to cancel wind rivers and not being able to get in the water at Lake Powell. Sounds like there is a full time designated boat driver at Lake Powell this week! Its going to be really weird not going to Lake Powell. Be sure to have plenty of good tube wars and jump off of cliffs and have plenty of skull flushers on the wakeboard for me (not dad though).
I should have my travel plans next Thursday! Its so crazy that it is just around the corner. On one hand I feel like I'm not prepared enough to be thrown out there, but on the other hand I know that as soon as I get there I'll learn so much quicker.
This week we got 23 new elders in our Zone so it seems huge. I went to high school with one of them, which is pretty crazy (Thomas Day). I am still getting used to the fact that I am one of the old guys now. I had to speak last Sunday in church, so hopefully I don't have to worry about that again! It was pretty weird because I just knew that I would be called on, so I spent a little extra time preparing than usual. When they called my name, I wasn't even surprised. It was a really weird experience, but I think I did pretty good. I'm not the one that had to sit through it though!
Today during sealings at the temple one of the ladies passed out. It was really freaky looking because she looked super pale and her eyes stayed open but they were rolled back into her head. Luckily someone was able to catch her before she could hurt herself, then she woke up about 20 seconds later. It was pretty weird. I'm guessing she was diabetic and her sugar was low and she wasn't moving around enough. That made the temple a little more interesting today!
I am also really thinking I want that bigger fanny pack now. I can only get about 2 scripture sets in there before it fills up and I can't close it all the way, and I don't want to have to worry about not being able to carry stuff, especially since I'll probably be walking all day and not be able to return to the apartment. And especially if there were 50 baptisms there this month, I'll be handing out a ton of Books of Mormon, so I'll need room for all of those! So is anyone wanting a fanny pack and you can send me that bigger one? I think the one I have now is the Mountainsmith tour and if I remember right the other one is the Classic. But mine is still in new condition, so I'll let you fight over who wants it.
Well time to go. Have fun at Lake Powell and don't chop off anymore fingers! Oh, and thanks for the Krispy Kremes. They didn't last too long.
Mahal Kita
Elder Nay
P.S. Happy Birthday to Kyle on Tuesday! If I was going to Lake Powell I'd let you win a tube war or something.

Friday, August 12, 2011

MTC # 6

  • Magandang Umaga!‏

    From:Michael Nay (
    Sent:Fri 8/12/11 11:21 PM
    Well, the most exciting thing that happened this week was going to the podiatrist. Its pretty sad when I have to look forward to going to the doctor knowing he'll put needles in me and leave me in pain. But, it was something to switch things up so hey, I'll take it! Haha. Basically, he gave me 3 options of getting rid of that wart on my toe. He said we could go to the OR in the hospital and he'd knock me out as he fried my toe off with a laser, he could give me fermaldahyde (or however it is that you spell it) to put on it every night for 3 months, or he could num my toe up and inject some stuff (I forgot the name of it) in between the layers of skin by it and have it gone within a couple of weeks. So, I went with the last one. If I understood him right, its the same stuff that they use to kill precise areas of cancer. You'll have to ask Kyle more about it. He said in a couple weeks the little spot on my toe would turn black and he'd scrape it off. I can't wait! Haha. I tried to get some cool pictures, but there's not much to see because its just him sticking needles in my toe. Maybe the scalpel will be more interesting. I can see it already starting to turn black so that must be a good sign! It was pretty exciting walking on a num toe all day.
    Speaking of Kyle, thats awesome about his boards! I didn't think he'd have much trouble with how many hours he spends studying.
    Nat-I met Elder Hawkins a while ago. Totally random! I see him everyday. How is my favorite niece doing? I can't say that for very much longer, so I better say it while I can!
    Mom-I should be fine with money for now. Theres really not much to spend it on here... They give us 6 bucks a week so that has been keeping me afloat. I am going to ask you to send me a refill of my flonase though. I havn't had any major attacks yet, but I just ran out and I would rather be safe than sorry. Also, that bananna bread was a hit! Thanks for everything you do!
    I am jealous of dad's trip to Wind Rivers. It should be a blast as always!
    I also want to thank Bill and Carol for writing me. And a happy birthday to Carol this week!
    I don't have my notes with your questions on them but I'll try to remember them and go until it kicks me off. But they ask us to speak the language as much as possible. So in sacrament meeting it usually turns into Taglish. The whole branch is Tagalog speaking, with about 40 of us. The branch presidency doesn't speak any Tagalog so the only thing we have to do in English is the sacrament prayers. We are gaining 22 new ones on wednesday to replace the 10 that are leaving this week. That means we will officially be the oldest district. Its so weird because I remember when I was looking up to the old guys and thinking they were geniuses!
    Well I had more written but the internet shut down and has been all day and I lost everything else. And yes, I'm a little upset about it.
    Mahal Kita!
    Elder Nay

    Saturday, August 6, 2011

    Pictures from the MTC

    Elder Nay and Elder Call
    Ben was Michael's room mate at Utah State. 
    He was also the first familiar face we saw when we pulled up to the MTC!

    Elders Mansfield, Dickey, Rostedt, Nay
    MTC roomies

    Elder Nay & Elder Rostedt
    MTC companions

    Flag at the Provo Temple

    Philippine District

    5 Elders going to Cauayan

    Michael studying hard

    Looks overwhelming!

    A little MTC fun!

    Provo Temple

    Elder Nay & Elder Rostedt at Provo Temple.
    MTC companions

    Elder Michael Nay

    Friday, August 5, 2011

    MTC Week # 5

    Magandang Umaga!‏

    Michael Nay (
    Fri 8/05/11 5:04 PM

    Well I have an announcement. Everybody should be really excited. I gained 9 lbs!!! Haha I can't even tell though... pants still fit the same, no gut or anything fun. Who would have thought that gaining weight was actually possible for me?? I'm not worried though. I might as well stack them on while I can because I'll sweat it all out within the first week of being in the Philippines.
    I hope you enjoyed some of the pics. There isn't much to take pictures of seems how we just sit, walk to another builidng, and sit some more every day of the week. But about sending packages back through Art City, I asked the mailroom person about it and she said that some place in Provo is the closest place that does it. So... Someone is wrong somewhere! But I didn't care because it was only 88cents. I guess you are worth the splurge!
    I am slightly upset I missed the Demo derby, sounds like it was awesome. I guess I'll just have to wait a year and 11 months! Can you believe I've already been gone a month? Crazy! It seems just like yesterday I was having my p-day. As the saying goes around here, "The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days".
    And mom, I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to do with any vitamins if you sent them to me. I have never had them before why start now? Haha. I'm doing fine and once I get there I will get them for free. Those peaches you sent were awesome though. Everybody was jealous that I actually got to eat some fresh, real fruit. Good food (healthy or not) is a hot commodity around here. And everybody was amused that I was eating "gorilla poops". I had to explain to them that calling them no bakes is just not amusing enough. Besides, what sounds more appetizing than gorilla poops?
    Before I forget, happy anniversary to my favorite mom and dad! I hope you do something fun to reward yourselves for being the worlds best parents. And Kyle and Aimee, happy anniversary to you next friday! Hope all is going well with school and the baby growing. Its the last anniversary without a screaming and pooping thing running around so enjoy it while you can!
    I'm glad to hear that Milo misses me and my picture can keep him company. I miss that little guy. Are you sure you can't bring him over to dig a whole underneath the fence to say hello? Haha.
    I am having to fight off several people each day trying to trade or steal my ties. I definitely have the most out of anyone. Its pretty funny how everynight people come by with their rack of measley ties and try to barter a deal-not just with me but with everyone. I can picture some of them being used car salesmen someday by trying to make the crappiest thing ever sound like the best thing ever. They forget that I am a Nay and can sniff out those deals from a mile away! Haha.
    The Tagalog is tagging along (bad joke) with me okay. Certainly have a long ways to go, but at least I can bear my testimony and give a short prayer once I get there! My grammar is still terrible, but I can spit out some vocab and people can usually interpret what I am trying to say. I'm not stressed out about it though. It'll come when it comes (profound, I know).
    Time to go. Hope you all have a good week and keep on keeping on!
    Mahal kita,
    Elder Nay