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Friday, August 12, 2011

MTC # 6

  • Magandang Umaga!‏

    From:Michael Nay (
    Sent:Fri 8/12/11 11:21 PM
    Well, the most exciting thing that happened this week was going to the podiatrist. Its pretty sad when I have to look forward to going to the doctor knowing he'll put needles in me and leave me in pain. But, it was something to switch things up so hey, I'll take it! Haha. Basically, he gave me 3 options of getting rid of that wart on my toe. He said we could go to the OR in the hospital and he'd knock me out as he fried my toe off with a laser, he could give me fermaldahyde (or however it is that you spell it) to put on it every night for 3 months, or he could num my toe up and inject some stuff (I forgot the name of it) in between the layers of skin by it and have it gone within a couple of weeks. So, I went with the last one. If I understood him right, its the same stuff that they use to kill precise areas of cancer. You'll have to ask Kyle more about it. He said in a couple weeks the little spot on my toe would turn black and he'd scrape it off. I can't wait! Haha. I tried to get some cool pictures, but there's not much to see because its just him sticking needles in my toe. Maybe the scalpel will be more interesting. I can see it already starting to turn black so that must be a good sign! It was pretty exciting walking on a num toe all day.
    Speaking of Kyle, thats awesome about his boards! I didn't think he'd have much trouble with how many hours he spends studying.
    Nat-I met Elder Hawkins a while ago. Totally random! I see him everyday. How is my favorite niece doing? I can't say that for very much longer, so I better say it while I can!
    Mom-I should be fine with money for now. Theres really not much to spend it on here... They give us 6 bucks a week so that has been keeping me afloat. I am going to ask you to send me a refill of my flonase though. I havn't had any major attacks yet, but I just ran out and I would rather be safe than sorry. Also, that bananna bread was a hit! Thanks for everything you do!
    I am jealous of dad's trip to Wind Rivers. It should be a blast as always!
    I also want to thank Bill and Carol for writing me. And a happy birthday to Carol this week!
    I don't have my notes with your questions on them but I'll try to remember them and go until it kicks me off. But they ask us to speak the language as much as possible. So in sacrament meeting it usually turns into Taglish. The whole branch is Tagalog speaking, with about 40 of us. The branch presidency doesn't speak any Tagalog so the only thing we have to do in English is the sacrament prayers. We are gaining 22 new ones on wednesday to replace the 10 that are leaving this week. That means we will officially be the oldest district. Its so weird because I remember when I was looking up to the old guys and thinking they were geniuses!
    Well I had more written but the internet shut down and has been all day and I lost everything else. And yes, I'm a little upset about it.
    Mahal Kita!
    Elder Nay

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