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Friday, August 19, 2011

MTC #7

Magandang hapon!‏

Michael Nay (
Fri 8/19/11 8:07 PM

Well it sounds like it has been an interesting week at home! Much more interesting than anything here anyways. Just the same stuff different day! Nothing near as exciting as customizing the size of fingers. On the bright side though, Dad can still say he hasn't broken a bone in his body-he just chops them off instead! Haha. I can't imagine how much that would have hurt. I get upset when I get a paper cut on the tip of my finger, and I'm pretty sure I'd be a little upset if I chopped the tip of it off. But at least you were doing something manly and you have something to show all of the grandkids about the cradles they slept in. There must be some pretty cool pictures though! I'm guessing there was a lot of blood and you could probably even do a little anatomy lesson on the finger. Could you see the bone and all of that cool stuff? Did the tip of the finger come off in one clean slice to be able to take it in to the ER with you or was it hacked up pretty good? I need pictures and details! Haha. The timing of it is too bad though, having to cancel wind rivers and not being able to get in the water at Lake Powell. Sounds like there is a full time designated boat driver at Lake Powell this week! Its going to be really weird not going to Lake Powell. Be sure to have plenty of good tube wars and jump off of cliffs and have plenty of skull flushers on the wakeboard for me (not dad though).
I should have my travel plans next Thursday! Its so crazy that it is just around the corner. On one hand I feel like I'm not prepared enough to be thrown out there, but on the other hand I know that as soon as I get there I'll learn so much quicker.
This week we got 23 new elders in our Zone so it seems huge. I went to high school with one of them, which is pretty crazy (Thomas Day). I am still getting used to the fact that I am one of the old guys now. I had to speak last Sunday in church, so hopefully I don't have to worry about that again! It was pretty weird because I just knew that I would be called on, so I spent a little extra time preparing than usual. When they called my name, I wasn't even surprised. It was a really weird experience, but I think I did pretty good. I'm not the one that had to sit through it though!
Today during sealings at the temple one of the ladies passed out. It was really freaky looking because she looked super pale and her eyes stayed open but they were rolled back into her head. Luckily someone was able to catch her before she could hurt herself, then she woke up about 20 seconds later. It was pretty weird. I'm guessing she was diabetic and her sugar was low and she wasn't moving around enough. That made the temple a little more interesting today!
I am also really thinking I want that bigger fanny pack now. I can only get about 2 scripture sets in there before it fills up and I can't close it all the way, and I don't want to have to worry about not being able to carry stuff, especially since I'll probably be walking all day and not be able to return to the apartment. And especially if there were 50 baptisms there this month, I'll be handing out a ton of Books of Mormon, so I'll need room for all of those! So is anyone wanting a fanny pack and you can send me that bigger one? I think the one I have now is the Mountainsmith tour and if I remember right the other one is the Classic. But mine is still in new condition, so I'll let you fight over who wants it.
Well time to go. Have fun at Lake Powell and don't chop off anymore fingers! Oh, and thanks for the Krispy Kremes. They didn't last too long.
Mahal Kita
Elder Nay
P.S. Happy Birthday to Kyle on Tuesday! If I was going to Lake Powell I'd let you win a tube war or something.

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