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Thursday, September 1, 2011

MTC # 8

Magandang hapon!‏

Michael Nay (
Fri 8/26/11 10:10 PM

I had a really nice long email written and then I lost it all so hopefully I can remember the basics. I have my 30 minutes back luckily. I hate these computers. They are so restricted we can't do anything and they are really slow. I am going to be happy to be able to use a real one in the Philippines at an internet cafe.
Well, I got travel plans. I will try to list it without it being too confusing. The time zones aren't listed so I'm not sure how long each flight is exactly. I (along with the other 4 elders going to Cauayan) report to the travel office at 11:30 AM on the 5th. Then we leave on Delta 2241 at 3:05 PM and arrive at LAX at 3:59 PM. Then we have a 7 hour layover to look forward to. at 11:50 PM we leave to Hong Kong and arrive at 5:30 AM on the 7th. Then we leave HK at 7:55 AM and arrive at 9:50 AM in Manila. Then there is the 8-10 bus ride (I keep hearing different amounts for how long it is). If its like any other 3rd world country, it'll just depend on the mood of the driver, how many water buffalo are in the road, and if the road is still there due to a flood. So, the only thing I can think of for you to send me is maybe a couple of Ambien from Dad's stash. I'm going to need all the help I can get. Plane butt is our friend! I should be able to call at each airport too (only if mom promises to cry), so which is best-house or cell?
The pics of dad's finger were great. I was imagining the whole tip gone but turns out it was just the side and part of the tip. The gash across the thumb is a bonus, along with the missing chunk of fingernail from the middle finger. Can't say I'm jealous!
I went to the podiatrist for my follow up visit. He took one of those surgical/exacto knifes and filayed my skin away until he got to the head of the wart, then he just dug it out. Simple as that! It really didn't hurt that bad. It was kind of cool to watch skin be peeled away and not have it hurt-even without numming. Then he put some antibiotic in there and slapped on a bandaid. It hurt an hour or so later (I guess my toe had time to think about what just happened) but I just had to shift my weight whenever I walked. It's pretty much back to where a normal to is now and doesn't hurt, just a little scab. I will send home my card one last time before I go. I took some progressive pictures of it and before/after, so just look at the dates on the photo.
How was Lake Powell? Any fun injuries? Was dad able to stay out of the water the whole time? Did anything exciting happen like Aimee having her baby? She's getting pretty close! Exciting! Thats crazy to hear about how Jenna has teeth and rolling around already. What are you feeding her Nat?? She's growing up so fast! Haha.
My district was able to host the new missionaries last wednesday. I got to steal 2 missionaries from their families. I get to do it again this wednesday. It's a true sign that I have paid my dues.
Elder Rostedt has been sick for the last couple of weeks with a cough and runny nose. He kept blaming it on the "dirty American air", but I convinced him to go to the doctor. (It couldn't have possibly been the fact that being in an enclosed area with 4,500 of your best friends is a breeding grounds for germs). Turns out he has bronchitis! They gave him antibiotics and claritin, and I gave him a blessing. He should be back in shape in no time! It was my first blessing that I was the voice for so that was interesting.
If you could do me a favor and send Elder Rostedt a package that would be great. He gets emails from family, but he's only gotten 1-2 packages from friends. He's picky and doesn't like nuts or peanut butter and nothing too chocolatey. Soo... Good luck with that! Also if you could send Elder Tamale a package. He is from Tonga and doesn't get much support from his family because he is the only member of the church. The only mail he gets is from our families. He is 24 and was on the Tongan national volleyball team and has a heart of gold. He hardly spoke any English when he got here, but he can get by okay now. I can't imagine learning 2 languages at once. He is here because he has the strongest testimony in the world and knows he needs to serve the Lord. Through tears, he has thanked us and our families for the support we have given him, so I know he appreciates it. I don't think he needs anything in specific, but he is Tongan and loves to eat! Haha.
Pday next week is on Saturday because of an orientation thing, so don't expect anything on friday. Look forward to hear from you and salamat for sending those packages to Elder Tamale and Rostedt. It's the same address as me, just different name.
Mahal kita
Elder Nay

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