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Friday, September 2, 2011

MTC # 9


Michael Nay (
Fri 9/02/11 7:05 PM


Well I thought I wouldn't be able to write today, but turns out I am! And tomorrow on P-day. Then the phone call on Monday (speaking of which, I guess I'll just call at about 8 California time so dad has time to get back from work. Hope that works because nobobody told me otherwise!). Sheesh, I didn't think it was possible to talk to family this much in such little time! Haha. I forgot my cheat sheet of what I was going to write so this could be short.
Sounds like you're in for a treat this weekend going to the good ol' family reunion! Yeehaw! Try to rip off some extra dollar bills off of the angry bull for me.
Well thats pretty crazy that I am an uncle once again! I wasn't expecting to hear anything for another week or so. I guess little Gracie was tired of sitting in the oven and her timer was popped. I don't blame her! Haha. Thats great that Aimee and Gracie are doing well though. I wouldn't expect anything less out of a Nay! Hopefully mom will be able to live for another week without being able to see her. If it makes you feel any better mom, I don't get to see her for another 22 months.
Oh, about that new fannypack, were you planning on sending it to me today (the last day you can same day deliver seems how I'm gone monday morning) or in the Philippines? If not, then don't worry about it and I will just pick something up when I'm there. But it would be nice to have for the plane to carry more stuff on.
For our last devotional on Tuesday night, the MTC had a nice treat. After being in here for 9 weeks, I was finally able to listen to an apostle speak to us-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. It was the best way to end being able to go to devotionals. He is such a powerful speaker it was amazing. He also has a sense of humor which you don't really get to see from just watching conference. He talked about how important his mission was to him and how it completely has changed his life. He was pretty bold about how most people perceive the Mormon missionaries as loving, friendly, obedient people and how DARE us to go against that and ruin the reputation. He also talked for quite a while about the love that our Heavenly Father has for us-so much that he gave his one and only perfect son Jesus Christ so that all of the rest of His children can be able to return to Him again. It was very powerful and the spirit was super strong and everybody in the room could feel it. He also did a miniature question and answer session which was really cool, but unfortunately there wasn't much time so only a couple questions got answered. I wish I could be able to speak like him and not have anything planned or prepared and still speak with such conviction. That just shows how in tune he is with the spirit.
Well, thats all for today. I might write a little note tomorrow about the things I was going to talk about that I forgot.
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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