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Monday, September 5, 2011

Last letter from MTC!

Michael with Brother Day - "we're both goofballs"

The MTC roommates

Kamusta Again!

From:Michael Nay (
Sent:Sun 9/04/11 12:09 AM
Well not much has changed since yesterday... Today has been the best P-day ever though because its been a little more relaxed and everyone was packing. I have so much food it is ridiculous. No matter how fast I try to eat it and give it away, more just keeps coming! There are several people in my district with large food stashes as well so our hallway is lined with food boxes that is first come first serve. But because I have the best family and friends ever, I have the best collection. :) I am definitely the only one to be able to drink eggnog. Thank you mom for taking care of the packages to E. Rostedt and Tamale. They were both pleasantly surprised and E. Rostedt had never had pink cookies before, and he loved them. E. Tamale loves his shirt too. In fact, he's wearing it today! A special thanks to the Nelson's and the Graves for their packages as well.
I wish I had time to reply to everyone that sent me letters. I am going to try to finish some before I leave LAX and hopefully there is a drop box in the airport somewhere. If not, maybe some stranger will have pity on me and mail them for me. In which case, maybe they'll get there, and maybe they won't. But from here on out, email is the best way to get a letter to me. I'll find out soon enough if I am able to email friends or not.
I am starting my collection of stuff to send home, but seems how the mail room is closed on monday (how convenient), I'll give it to Elder Day to send for me on Tuesday.
The lake powell pictures were nice and looks like a good time was had by all-even dad with the hand out of the water the whole time. I especially loved the ones with the lifejacket squishing Jennas face. Its so crazy to see how big she is already and how much hair she has. It seems like a few weeks ago I was rubbing her peach fuzz!
Today we lost an Elder in our district so he can go home and take care of some things. It was a good reminder of how close we all are in my district and that losing one is like losing a brother. I am really proud of him though for making the right decision, especially this close to the finish line. Our thoughts and prayers will definitely be with him.
You can count on me for trying to finagle every skymile I can out of this trip! Haha I'm not sure if Cathay airlines (the one from LAX to Manila) is partnered with Delta or not, but I'll look into it. You can count on me also being the one trying to look out for empty window seats or rows to be able to sprawl out on too. Dad has trained me well.
Well, I'll talk to you in a couple of days!
Mahal kita,
Elder Nay

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