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Monday, August 13, 2012

13 August 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta na kayo!?
Pambahira ang dami ninyong mga tanong! Haha hopefully I can meet all of your inquiring minds and list of things for me to reply to (or at least mom's...).
Well, what a shocker, I was given the boot out of Mallig. The Shaners gave me a very delicious farewell party dinner and took us out to a nice restaurant that has yummy pizza. Maybe it was just yummy because I havn't had pizza in over a year. 
It was fun to see Elder Allen and hear of his fun stories of his time with Elder Sister. I'm just glad we both are alive and well and I'm not the only one with an exciting story in my journal. Good times. :)
I was kind of surprised to find out that I was sent back to the Tuguegarao South Zone, because that is where I spent 7 and a half months in Cabagan, which happens to border my new area of Tuguegarao Ward 2. Except this time around, I am the Zone Leader. It is really weird because I have been in this area several times to work because of splits and other things back from my time in Cabagan, so I already know some of the members and investigators. When I went to church on Sunday several people said, "Weren't you in Cabagan for a long time?" I have also already been back to Cabagan for a meeting and bumped into some people I know there. It feels like I have just moved backed into my home away from home! It is going to be a fun cycle because I get to work more closely with Elder Landeen (batch from MTC that took my spot in Cabagan), Elder Hawlader (first missionary from Bangladesh), Elder Llorin (companion for 2 cycles), and 2 other Americans fresh from the MTC (one of which Elder Llorin is training). I also had to laugh because back in my Cabagan days, I was saying to myself how lucky I was for not having to stay in the Zone Leader's apartment because it is very small, dirty, smelly, gets loud because we're surrounded by boarding college students and their drinking parties, and it is literally an oven inside. Joke is on me! Haha. Now I just have to get used to city life and wiping the black sweat on my face because of the pollution, and the fact that I am in the hottest city in the Philippines. Oh, and my new companion is Elder Reyes. And yes, he is a Filipino. He is super nice and hard working so it is going to be a fun cycle.
We also helped double the size of a house by adding a 6foot by 12foot extension. And yes, that literally did double the size of the house with 8 people living inside.  I got to improve my carpentry skills on bamboo.
I have heard about how bad the flooding in Manila is, but none of it has reached up here. It rains a little and kind of cloudy, but that's about it. I even had to turn my electric fan down a notch because it was so cold. Haha
Thanks for the additional pics from Wind Rivers, and it also brought back some great memories when Bill sent pics from our Memphis cleaning trip. Glad its you and not me cleaning again. :) 
If I'm not mistaken, I believe I owe a happy belated Happy Anniversary to my favorite parents, and also Happy Anniversary to Kyle and Aimee today! Also Happy B-day to Aunt Carol!
For your next package, I really can't think of anything I need other than eggnog and jerky. Other than that, I'm just as happy with cash so I can buy cool stuff here. Thanks for everything and don't forget who you are!
Mahal Kita, 
Elder Nay

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