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Monday, July 9, 2012

9 July 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta sa inyong lahat!
Congrats to dad for crossing the finish line as a bishop at BYU. Now I'm sure much more exciting things are awaiting such as mission president, stake president, and other more fun callings. :) Should be fun to go back to church next week in the home ward and look like strangers that have randomly decided to start coming to church. 
I think the most interesting thing out of the traditional Big Lake trip is that Milo decided to swim-without you throwing him in! What a great achievement for that little hairy fur ball. Thats too bad that nothing happened this year like the camper top taking liftoff on the freeway. There's always next year. 
It was a nice surprise that I actually got to see a parade on the 4th of July here! We happened to be in Roxas when all the sudden the main highway was shut down so that they could have a parade because of some local holiday. It was pretty cool to see a bunch of floats made out of kuligligs and all the kids dressed up in cool uniforms. Don't worry, I snapped some pics. It was probably comparable to about how awesome the 24th of July parade is in Mapleton, but, at least I can say I saw a parade on the 4th of July in the Philippines. 
It's always a nice surprise for me when someone asks to be taught randomly. Elder Oyardo and I were running a little late so we were walking rather quickly, but that didn't stop a young father from asking us if we could talk to him for a minute and ask us to come to his house when we had time. After we taught him, he said it was interesting how our message made him feel light/peaceful inside and he will try to come to church next week (without us even inviting him). If only that could happen everyday! 
I got to see a really awesome cut on someones arm. She had just sliced it open a couple hours earlier so it was nice and fresh. I couldn't help but make her show it to me. It was so deep that I had a nice anatomy lesson of all the layers of skin and got to see a piece of the Ulna bone (I think that is what its called...). Don't worry, I got a picture for mom's sake, but it doesn't quite do justice. I poured some Iodine on it and had to convince them to go get it stitched up. Mom would have loved it!
The one year mark was nothing exciting. I don't think I even remembered until I was getting ready for bed. Pretty crazy to think I'm on the downward slope. Time flies!
Thanks for all your support and everything you do! Remember where you live and don't forget who you are!
Mahal Kita, 
Elder Nay

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