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Monday, July 16, 2012

16 July 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta na kayo!?
We just got back from a member's house/field where they also have several coconut trees. It was a nice little treat to sit on a hammock in the shade out in the middle of nowhere while sipping some fresh coconut juice. 
The last week has been quite nice because the rainstorms come in during the afternoon/night to cool it down so I don't have to wake up with sweat marks on my sheets. The rain has also made it interesting while walking through mud pits in order to get to people's houses. Usually by the end of the day, my shoes are brown with mud. I also couldn't help but laugh when Elder Oyardo slipped and turned his white shirt and pants into brown gooey mud. 
That must be exciting for Nat and B with all of that moving and getting adjusted! I don't think I really have pity on them yet for having to take cold showers, because that is what I'm doing for 2 years! I'm getting quite quick at the bucket showers though. 
This week is going to be really busy but exciting because Elder Teh is coming to visit. He is also doing a lot of random things to keep us on our toes like random apartment checks, interviews (How weird/cool would that be to have an interview with a General Authority?), and calling on people to give talks. Should be interesting. 
Sorry to cut it short this week, but we still have a lot of stuff to do and too little time to do it, just like any other day! Good luck to dad on being a cowboy for 2 weeks in Wind Rivers.  Don't do anything exciting like cut another finger off or get bucked off of Chance! Haha. 
Thanks for everything!
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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