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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

25 March 2013

Magandang Hapon!

Kumusta sa inyong lahat!
Pretty weird to think about how close you are to the Philippines now. Now there is only a one hour time difference between us! Haha. Can't wait to hear about some of the fun adventures you are having in Cambodia/Vietnam. I'm guessing there is a lot in common with the culture to the Philippines. It will be great for mom to experience a true Nay/Gibby adventure. 
Last week I thought I wasn't going to be able to survive because one of our electric fans died while I was studying. It is starting to get ridiculously hot again, and there is no way I could have survived with just our one not as powerful one going back and forth. As I laid in bed, I started sweating. Fortunately, I texted the Shaners for a new one and they were able to bring it by less than 24 hours later. It pays to know people in the right places. :) It was good to see them and talk to them again, and super weird they are going home in about 2 months. 
We have also had to deal with our water being gone several times this week. It was a perfect time to use our water storage that I never thought we would use so we could still shower and flush the toilet. I even thought we would have to ask the neighbors if we could use their well to refill our big bucket reserve, but fortunately it came back. Water is kind of like electricity-you just never know when it will turn off here! 
Due to the MTC changes and number of missionaries arriving, our transfer day is coming up this Wednesday. The end of our 9 week cycle is already done! Because transfer day was moved up a day, we now find out who is getting transferred on P-day. Fortunately, I get to stay in Gamu for at least another 6 weeks! Elder Villania is getting transferred, but I am excited for a new start with a new companion. I am grateful for the many things I learned from him though. It is so true that with every companion, there are certain new things that you will learn that you wouldn't have learned with other people. It is weird because after Wednesday, I only have 2 more transfers left. It is crazy to think that Gamu could be my last area, but there is a chance I'll have one more. Maybe I'm just destined to not see any part of the mission south of Cauayan. Haha. I have spent my entire mission in the northern half of the mission.
Sister Mills birthday
Last week was also Sis. Mills birthday, and it also happened to be on Tuesday, which is when we have District meetings. Seems how there are 2 districts in the Burgos zone, we arranged it so I was with the Mills in one district meeting and stalling time so the other district could have time to arrange and decorate the cultural hall in preparation for her surprise birthday party/lunch. They were definitely surprised! Haha
Another thing special about being in Gamu is that we randomly have birds that fly into the holes of our ceiling and fly around our apartment. It is kind of exciting watching them fly right at your face then wait for them to dodge at the last second as we try to shoo them out the door. Philippines. I love it! 
Most of all, seeing the change in others as well as myself because of a better understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the best part. President Carlos sent us a really good letter today about Easter and Christ. I'll try to forward it to you. Here in the Philippines, some people walk many many miles in the heat of the day carrying a cross so they can "crucify" themselves for a few hours like Jesus Christ did. Some others even flog themselves in an attempt to "repent" of their sins. The good news for us is that we don't have to do that to show our devotion and love for Jesus Christ. D&C 19. He suffered and died so we don't have to.
Mahal ko kayo
Elder Nay

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