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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

18 March 2013

Magandang Hapon!

Well, it has been yet another week of being able to witness small miracles. We attended the baptism of the Sisters in Burgos, in which we were able to feel the testimony that this new convert has gained. Even though it started rather late because people weren't there on time, it still went rather smoothly and had the great addition of prelude music on the piano (an accommodation that is hard to come by at baptisms here) to help invite the spirit. On the same day, we also traveled to Mabini so I could conduct a baptismal interview for a kid being baptized next week. Id apply them before other people do, but piece by piece, testimonies are formed to a big solid piece. 
President and Sister Carlos also attended Sacrament meeting with us in Gamu on Sunday, which is always a pleasure to hear them talk. It was kind of funny to see the reaction of all the members when he walked in seems how usually they only see him at district conferences or interviews or other big meetings-never in a sacrament meeting. Sister Carlos gave an interesting talk about how to "scatter our sunshine", or do acts of service.  always love to see other people being converted as they feel and gain their own testimony piece by piece. Testimonies are just like a big puzzle-some people will gain testimonies of certain principles an to cheer up others. 
I also ended up staying in Catabban for 2 days while on splits. It was only supposed to be one day, but seems how Elder Villania had to be rushed to a dentist in a southern part of the mission because of severe tooth pain, I ended up staying 2 days. While there, there was a really strong and cool storm that came through. We were trying to teach a lesson, but eventually just had to call it quits after the rain being so loud on the roof we couldn't even hear each other. There was also some really powerful winds that came through, which destroyed a lot of little huts meant for drying tobacco plants and even flattened some corn and rice fields. Pretty fun to watch. :) 
That is way fun to see that much growth in the missionary work-and how lucky you are to be able to participate and train them! 
Very exciting to know that shortly after getting home, I will have a new nephew. Congrats to Kyle and Aimee! 
And mom, just like I told you a while ago, I really don't need nor want very much stuff in my next package and would much rather put that money towards other things when I get home.... But, of course, I wouldn't complain if I had some eggnog and cashews. :) Also another bottle or 2 of drugs to last until I get home. 
Maligayang paglakbay sa Cambodia!
Mahal ko kayo,
Elder Nay

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