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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1 April 2013

Magandang Hapon!
Pambihira I can't believe you were able to shoot machine guns and RPGs and throw hand grenades! Definitely sounds like a blast (haha....). It sounds/looks very similar to the Philippines. I'm glad you also got to experience eating dragon fruit. Pretty good stuff! Maybe if we come visit again I can talk to a member here that is a a retired colonel in the army so he might have hookups to let us do cool things too. :) There is a pretty big army base here in Gamu, so a few days ago I got to see an Armored Personnel Carrier just driving down the road like nobodies business. 
Yesterday was an interesting Easter Sunday because the Elder I replaced here (Elder Wooden) attended church here with his parents and 3 brothers because they came to pick him up/tour the mission. And President/Sister Carlos decided to come with them too, which meant there were a lot of visitors yesterday! It also meant I had to translate sacrament meeting for Sister Carlos and Elder Wooden's parents as he gave about a 20 minute talk. I got to laugh at Elder Sulla (my new companion) when he had to translate for Sis. Carlos as I was teaching Gospel Principles class. It is funny because most Filipinos understand English and can speak it okay, they are just really shy and don't like to. His dad and mom also spake, so it was weird to hear so much English in Sacrament meeting. Some of the primary children also did a really awesome musical number of a song I hadn't heard before (Gethsemane?) that really brought in the Spirit and caused me to reflect more on how important Jesus Christ and his Atonement really are. 
Despite it being Easter weekend, I didn't get to see anybody crucifying themselves or anything cool like that. Too bad. Haha. It was interesting to see how many more people decided to go to church though-especially the special saturday night services that almost every catholic church hold. 
I am looking forward to this new cycle with Elder Sulla not only because he is a hard worker and we are already picking up a bunch of really awesome potential investigators, but because he is an amazing cook! I still can't decide if he or Elder Llorin are better, but I am happy because hopefully in the process I can gain a few pounds. He is from the southern islands of the Philippines. 
We just picked up a new investigator because a member took us to her neighbor's house and said that there was an inactive there. During the lesson, this inactive's husband joined us and after listening intently, he told us he has been looking for a long time for a church that is true because it is too hard to decide which one is "the right one". Basically, doctrine on the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes just depending on where you go to church here. We told him the good news that God has given us a great gift to be able to find out such things for ourselves-prayer. People can lie and change doctrine, but God can't-so just ask him directly which one is true. Throughout the lesson, the Spirit could be felt and at the end, the inactive sister agreed to pray and prayed that we would be able to come back again. I am looking forward to sharing more with them to help them understand why there are so many different churches and why prophets are important. How lucky we are to already know such information!
Thank you for your support and love,
Mahal ko kayo.
Elder Nay

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