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Monday, April 8, 2013

8 April 2013

Magandang Hapon!
Mabuti lang hindi kayo pinatay at nakauwi kayo na ligtas! Haha. Sounds like an awesome trip and as expected, great adventures to be had. Cool seeing the pictures of RPG's and stuff you got to shoot. 
Last week I got to experience my second earthquake here in the mission. How cool is that!? Haha. Of course it wasn't anything big enough to do any damage, but just big enough that as I was reading in personal study I felt like my chair was being wiggled and I noticed that my fan was starting to rock back and forth and our mirror hanging on the wall was moving. Kind of fun. :)
We also had the last Zone Leaders Council to be held because it is now being changed to Mission Leadership Council. Now "Sister Trainers" get to join in the meeting to better the needs of the Sisters in the mission-and more and more of them keep coming! It will be nice because in the past if there was ever a concern with a Sister companionship, basically all we could do was let President know about it seems how we obviously can't go on splits with them to give them counsel and advice. It was interesting though at ZLC because President pointed out that I have been a Zone Leader longer than any other current ZL. I never thought I'd be considered one of the old people in the mission! It will be really weird after transfer day because me and 3 other Elders in my batch will be the oldest in the mission for our remaining 3 months because the batch ahead of us is going home early. And even though President's training is always amazing, I must admit the mexican food and dessert Sis. Carlos made was heavenly. At least, all of the Americans really loved it. Haha some of the Filipinos don't have that acquired taste. 
I'm glad you were able to enjoy watching conference. As usual, we have to wait until this weekend to watch it in the District Center. I hope there will be an English version available because here in the bukid, there aren't as many people that are educated enough to understand English. In bigger cities like Tuguegarao, English is all they broadcast to everyone. 
Earlier today we crashed a wedding of some member because it was just in the Church, and it was surprisingly good food! haha. This week I've come to appreciate the meaning of Eternal Families and getting married/sealed in the temple much more as I have been teaching many broken families lately. Even though there are some families that are happy even though they aren't sealed in the temple, we are trying to help them realize that they could be even MORE happier and be tied for eternity if they just set the goal to go to the temple.
Dad mentioned a possible conflict in time on mothers day because of you being gone. Because Pres. Carlos is the best ever, he doesn't really care when we get to chat, as long as sometime around mothers day and good for everyone. So, the only important thing is we get to chat. Just let me know what works for you. 
Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat,
Mahal ko kayo
Elder Nay

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