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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

15 April 2013

Magandang hapon!

It has been a great P-day so far because President invited us to the mission home so that Elder Sulla could make some lunch (which was yummy) and hang out and play basket ball with a few other missionaries (one of which happened to be Elder Allen). I was also able to use the internet there for a few minutes for free, which is why I was online a little earlier than usual. I was also given a yummy piece of carrot cake and ice cream as an early birthday snack. I also got my birthday package you sent with the eggnog, jerky, cashews, and other goodies. I should just have more birthdays! Haha. Tomorrow for my birthday I get to have my final interview with President Carlos before he goes home in July. That will be really weird. Other than that, it will just be a regular day of district meetings and work! Although the Lapitan family did offer a birthday dinner under one condition-I brought the ice cream. Haha. 
Why can't we just listen to conference every week? There were several really awesome ones-but of course there weren't any bad ones. :) I thought it was interesting how much obedience and following the example of Jesus Christ was emphasized. Because this is His church, we do what He did. That is why missionary work is so important. Missionary work has always been a unique feature of the church, and it always will be. That is why we need to minister to all and reach out to the poor, hungry, widowed, needy. That is why we have Sacrament meeting. That is why we baptize the way He was baptized. In short, EVERYTHING we do in the church is after His example. The more I study the life of Jesus Christ and how he established His church when he was on the earth, the more I realize how true this church is. What we need to do in this life is simple-if we want blessings, be obedient to His commandments (D&C130:20-21). It made me sad on Saturday to see how very few people showed up to watch conference so they could also hear these great words. When Elder Sulla and I got there at 8am when Priesthood was supposed to start, there was one other person there. And we couldn't start it on time because we had to wait for the District President to come with the projector. By the time it started, and throughout the remaining sessions, I counted a grand total of 5 other people that were not full time missionaries. On Sunday morning, there were a decent amount of people, but during the lunch break everybody went home, leaving about 11 people that were not full time missionaries for the afternoon session. Their loss!
Last week was an exciting week in Gamu branch because 2 families were able to go to the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity! Talking to them about their trip was fun-not surprisingly, they all loved it and said there is no better feeling in the world. 
With the surge in Sister missionaries coming, President is frantically trying to find apartments/areas good enough to put them in. For some reason the standards for apartments must be a little higher when it comes to sister missionaries.... Something about them wanting to be in an area that they don't need to walk long distances at night and them actually wanting to use a toilet seat and rooms that actually have paint in them. But for Elders, that is okay. Hmph. Interesting. Haha. He told us to start looking for a sisters apartment to split up our area-and if possible, by transfer day in 3 weeks. That should be fun. 
As for your talk next week on Book of Mormon, good luck! There is no other tool more useful for conversion than getting people to do diligent reading in the Book of Mormon. I've seen it numerous times that investigators don't really seem to progress much, but as soon as they commit themselves to reading it, their progression surges.
Salamat po sa mga birthday wishes and ingat palagi!
Mahal ko kayo,
Elder Nay

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