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Monday, June 4, 2012

4 June 2012

Magandang Gabi po!

I said Magandang Gabi because we are a little late getting to email because we went to Tabuk for an activity in the mountains by this big river with all the missionaries in the Roxas zone (12 of us). It was absolutely gorgeous up there and I think its the closest thing to mountains I've seen since being home! It reminded me of Guatemala with the steep mountains and of course the terrible windy roads but everything is so green and beautiful. I think the funnest part was the 2 hour jeepney ride just to get there because we rode on top so it was nice and breezy and had a good view. Needlees to say, our butts were pretty sore and we got to catch just a little bit of sun. :) Once we got there it started raining and we were all sufficiently soaked while we ate fried tillapia on a big rock slightly in the river. There is also a fun footbridge that goes high across the river so of course we had to go stand in the middle and get it rocking sufficiently while hoping the nails holding the 2x4's beneath our feet wouldn't come out. Mom would have loved it. :) Don't worry though, I'm SURE it met American standards.... haha
This week was fun to have the Shaners come with us for a couple of teaching appointments. We invited them to come along because we felt like they would be able to relate well with the investigators (husband and wife) and being the same age and the Shaners are converts themselves. Luckily they understand English so I didn't have to worry about peeing my pants with the job of translating. We think it was a good help and should be ready for baptism next month. It is always fun being able to work with the couples missionaries and it really is like bringing out the heavy weapon to get investigators over a hump.
Well it is definitely a nice surprise to hear how much I am richer thanks to Grandpa! Would it be reasonable to try to throw it into a 1 year CD or something so I can hopefully gain some interest out of it? I think I could survive after I got home even if it was a year and a half or so CD... I'll give you permission to forge my signatures or ID's or anything you need to make it happen if it works out.
Congrats to Mom on passing yet another EMT test! I think your life mission is to be an EMT for Mapleton haha.
The summer months sound like they are coming in nicely for you with your trips and all of Dad's horseback rides! Dad might even officially be a cowboy by the time I get home!
I can't help but laugh at the latest condition of the Riv. Sounds like the profound advice given to dad about selling it to a Mexican is sounding pretty good! Haha. But then again, where would the adventure be if it wasn't there when I am home?
I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Next month will officially be my 1 year, and yet it still feels like just a couple months ago we were doing our last hoorahs. I can't help but look back just on my 11 months and realize how much I have learned and changed and developed.
Thanks for everything you do and have another great week!
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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