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Monday, June 25, 2012

18 June 2012

Magandang Hapon!

Kamusta na po kayo!?
Sounds like a pretty chill (literally) Lake Powell trip this time around. It will be interesting to see how weird I am with the temperature when I get home. I realized the other night how pathetic I was when I started calling a night cold when I had to turn the fan down from setting 3 to 2 and I actually had to use my other sheet over my feet. Pretty chilly!
This week the Shaners were officially transferred from instead of working with the Roxas District as a whole, they are in Mallig every day. That alone should tell you how special of an area Mallig is. :) They are still focusing on strengthening members, but they will probably work with us once a week and then we will see them in church every week. That also means I will have to do a lot more translating which will be an interesting experience. It's pretty much like having 4 missionaries here in Mallig, except now instead of the little young 20 year olds, President Carlos has brought the M1 Abrams tank to the battlefield (a reference I thought Dad could relate to haha). It will definitely be a good change for Mallig in order to help them get on their feet a little more. To help break the news to us, President took us out to a nice restaurant in Roxas for lunch which was very delicious and fun to be able to talk to him on a more casual basis. Except on our way back, I found myself sitting across from a gay stuck about 3 feet in front of my face on the 20 minute jeepney ride back. The gays here are very extreme and weird, so it was a case in which I decided to pretend like I didn't know how to speak or understand any Tagalog.
On Saturday we will baptize one of our smartest and devoted investigators. Her name is Ermhel and she is 17, and her doctrinal knowledge is mind blowing because she has such a great desire to learn. All we have to do is leave a pamphlet or chapter in the Book of Mormon to read, and on the next visit she summarizes every main point we want to teach and she is practically the one teaching us. Despite any weird thing she has heard or seen from people at church, she tells us she only goes to church because she knows she has to for herself and knows that whatever we teach her is true.
This week Elder Llorin got sick for a couple days with a bad case of the stomach flu so it was interesting to finally be the one NOT sick. When it came to the point that he couldn't sleep because of stomach pain at 3 in the morning, he asked for a blessing. Not only was it weird giving a blessing by myself, but it was a good experience because it strengthened my testimony about the power of priesthood blessings because as soon as we were done and laid back down to bed, we could both feel a different feeling of comfort and he was finally able to rest in peace (and no, I don't mean that he died... hehe).
Thats about all the news and experiences on this side of the world for this week. Thanks for all you do and have a great week!
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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