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Monday, June 25, 2012

25 June 2012

Magandang Hapon po!
Kamusta po sa inyong lahat!
We just got back from visiting Burubor with our fellow Zone mates, which is some water falls about an hour away from here. It was really cool and reminded me a lot of a hike through Zions and walking in and out of the little river several times to get to it. And yes, of course we climbed up to the side of it to see how far up we could get. It felt good to be able to walk through the water and cool off a bit.
Saturday was the baptism of Ermhel and it went really well. It was a quaint little service, and I think there were more missionaries there than members, but everyone in attendance could definitely feel the spirit. As a missionary, one of the most rewarding things to see is your convert cry during their testimony because they know its true. There is no doubt in our minds that she will be serving a mission of her own in just a few years. We are just happy that the Shaners are now full time here so that they can make sure she is well taken care of. They have already been making a big difference in whipping this place into shape and visiting homes that havn't been visited in way too long of a time. Yesterday, I'm glad they could have a great welcome into the branch with an experience none of us will forget. After about 4 minutes of the opening prayer during sacrament meeting, we couldn't think about how it was in competition for the longest prayers we have ever heard. To make it better, it was all in Ilocano, the local dialect here, so none of us could understand. Before we knew it, the old Tatay giving the prayer started singing a solo of How Great Thou Art for what seemed like a minute until someone on the front tapped him to wrap it up, after which he started praying for another minute or 2. Welcome to Mallig. :)
One of my new favorite fruits here is called Dragonfruit. It grows off of a spiny cactus thing and looks like a big weird flower, but it tastes and has the exact same texture as Kiwi, and its purple. It even makes the whole mouth purple which is fun for spitting out solid purple spit. The variety of fruits here continue to amaze me.
I also managed to try my hands at cooking a batch of chicken curry. It always tastes really good when Elder Llorin makes it, so I thought it would be worth figuring out how to cook. It turns out that I was quickly reminded that maybe I should just stick to boiling water instead of cooking anything.
I'm glad that my memory card successfully made it back without someone deciding to take it. I'll try to back up my card this week so I can send more recent pictures. Knowing how virus filled the computers are here, I'm a little hesitant to plug it in.
Transfers are this week so we'll see what happens. Elder Llorin and I are hoping for a 3rd cycle together, but it's not really up to us.He has been here for 6 months now so he is starting to turn into one of those Elders that just can't seem to leave an area, kind of like me and Cabagan! It's kind of weird to think that I'll be hitting my one year next week and have only been in 2 areas. Crazy how fast time goes.
Thats just about all that has happened this week. Until next time, keep on keeping on!
Mahal kita,
Elder Nay

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