Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, June 25, 2012

25 June 2012

Mom Nay,
Thanks for the package! It's really unexpected and I was surprised. Well, It is my very first package I ever got here on my mission so THANKS! We enjoyed the beef jerky and it was so good.The deodorant you gave me really helps me a lot and thanks for the cool blue tie!
Your son is doing great things here because he's great! It's really fun to have a companion like him and he really rocks.Right now, he's really good at speaking Tagalog and also in teaching and he's my very first friend here in mission.
Well uhm, one thing I realized about Elder Nay is he LOVES to eat except for veggies and sea foods!. hahaha.Well, that's okay, I really like him as my friend and my companion. He's really a GREAT person.
I think you're a really really nice Mom because you raised a really really nice son. haha.
Well, Thanks again for the package.

Elder Llorin 
Krishmar Tadiosa Llorin

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