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Thursday, July 25, 2013

25 July 2013

Dear Nay Family,
The stitches are out! Elder Nay visited Dr. Uy this afternoon and had his stitches removed. The doctor said things look good and that the swelling should not be a problem on trip home. I've been telling Elder Nay that he has earned first class -- I wish we could really do that for him!
We are to gently sponge his leg with warm, soapy water, use the antibiotic cream on the injuries, and leave it uncovered. He still has to cover it when he showers though. His ankle is still swollen and a lovely shade of purple and blue. It's very stiff, but he has been good about moving and stretching it. He can put more weight on it, but is still limping. He can grasp really well with his left hand now. He looks better every day, but I think this severe sprain on his ankle is going to take some time to heal. He helped us with our New Trainer meeting today and really had some good counsel and insights. He has been and is, a very good missionary. Thank you for teaching him and supporting him and sending him on his mission. He has blessed many lives, including ours.

Only a few more days to your RM!

Sister Rahlf

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