Philippines Cauayan Mission

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

17 July 2013

Michael's latest adventure in the Philippines!  This happened only 17 days before coming home.
Elder Nay at first hospital.

Closer look at leg lacerations. 

Finally eating and resting in 3rd hospital.

Elder Allen visiting Elder Nay.
Elder Nay resting in the mission home.

Buhay pa ako!
You been worried about me sufficiently? Haha. I knew I could count on mom to worry for me. So, as you can imagine it has been quite an interesting few days. About 7:45pm Monday, we were walking back to our apartment after a long day of traveling to Banaue, and we were just talking and walking on right side of road. I looked up just in time to see a single motor right in front of my face, but apparently Elder Sison saw it just in time to move to side. He was probably going 30-40 mph, and his headlight was very dim. Not exactly sure what happened because I blacked out for a few seconds, but I'm guessing my left arm must have hit his handlebars, which caused my right leg to swing into the motor. I woke up just in time to notice myself flying superman style and my nose hit ground first. I also saw him lay down his motor about 25 feet away, and my comp started yelling for neighbors to help. Because the driver was drunk, he started getting mad at us for "being in middle of road", and people held him down while police came. Blood was dripping it of my nose pretty good and at first I thought I lost a few teeth (which I didn't). I also immediately noticed something wrong with my arm/wrist because I couldn't put any pressure on it when I tried to stand up. That's when I also noticed my pants ripped and bloody and assumed something was messed up pretty good there. A nice neighbor offered us a ride in his car to get to the crappy public hospital close by, which would have been much faster than waiting for an ambulance. The first thing I did when I got to the ER was give E. Sison my camera to start taking pics. :) The cleaning out of the wounds hurt very badly, but I managed. The hospital was pretty sketchy and I didn't want to stay there any longer than I needed to. Something about laying down on a dirty bed and seeing blood smeared on walls by previous patients. They put in 5 stitches in one gash (I think the one that you can see my bone in), and 3 in another. After getting the bleeding somewhat under control, they put me on an ambulance (which is really just a dirty van with a space to put a cot in) and we went to Santiago for a better hospital-about a 1 hour ride. Then once we got there, we found out it was full, so we went to another. Then we found out that was full too. So third time is a charm, we got in. It was a nicer private hospital and one of the first things to take care of was my IV with good pain meds. I got my own room with aircon and E. Sison even had his own bed to sleep on too. By the time we got to my room at 1am, we were both starving so we ordered delivery McDo. Yum! Pres and Sis. Rahlf came first thing in the morning just after my X-rays, which is when I got to talk to you. After that it was rather boring in the hospital, but some other missionaries came to visit-including Elder Allen. Earlier this morning the Mills came to pick us up and now we are living very nicely here at the mission home. It was quite interesting trying to take a shower while sitting down and not getting leg wet and not using left hand very well, but the warm water felt good. Something I am not used to. Now I live in the room where General Authorities sleep when they visit-so the queen bed and aircon is nice. It really is a miracle that nothing is broken or fractured. Just sprained my ankle really bad so I can't put pressure on it and my nose is so swollen it is even blocking off part of my vision. And I can't grip anything with my left hand. But, my right hand and left leg are unscathed, with the exception of road rash on my elbow. So now I am hopping around everywhere on my left leg. My testimony gained about the power of temple garments, because everywhere my garments covered I am perfectly fine. Just a small bruise on upper leg.
Well, Pres. and Sis. Rahlf are very nice and taking good care of me. She just called me to eat dinner, so I will talk to you when I talk to you!
Mahal ko kayo,
Elder Nay

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