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Monday, July 1, 2013

1 July 2013

Magandang Hapon!
Heat wave! It has also been really hot here last week, but thankfully it rained about all day and night yesterday to cool things down temporarily. Should be interesting to see what the difference of the heat here with humidity and heat there where everything cracks and dries out. 
Even though I will hit my 2 year mark this week, I still had several firsts last week. For example, I had my first experience of a big cockroach crawling on my arm while praying at my bedside. Needless to say, it caused quite a distraction to my prayer while I started flailing everywhere before smashing it with my sandal. We also caught rat number 2 in our apartment, but unlike the first one that was as big as my foot, he was a small and quick little guy. After getting home at night and walking into the kitchen, we armed ourselves with brooms after hearing it run around and I guarded the escape route while Elder Sison flushed him out to the open. After several attempts, I was able to whack him to death with the broom before tossing him out for the ants to have a feast. I also had the privilege of eating rabbit. Its actually pretty good! Just like they say, tastes like chicken. 
This week was one of those weeks that the Lord must have felt like we needed to be humbled and exercise an extra amount of faith, because everyday we had appointments falling through and even a day of not being able to teach a single lesson. And to top things off, our progressing investigators didn't come to church and we are going to have to push back the baptismal date for this Saturday. But despite the many trials, the Lord always opens up new opportunities to meet new and different people that are interested. For example, one of the first people we talked to on a day with 0 appointments happened to be a barangay captain and said he wants to try coming to church and learn more. 
We also got to watch the re-broadcast of the special "Hastening the work" training, and I couldn't help but be amazed and jealous that missionaries in other parts of the world are able to receive so much support and be so involved with members and leaders. How grateful I am though to be working in this part of the vineyard to be able to help train and motivate people to be more involved. It has certainly broadened my understanding of how important meetings and coordination really are, even if we are sick and tired of going to them.
Well because we had to stand outside the computer shop for a while waiting for the electricity to come back on, my time is shorter. Thank you all for your wonderful support and many prayers offered on my behalf. Enjoy your week and celebrating dad's b-day!
Mahal ko kayo!
Elder Nay

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