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Monday, September 24, 2012

24 September 2012

Elder Reyes and Elder Nay

Elders Nay, Landeen, Needs, Zeigler and Rostedt
"Nearer My God To Thee"

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta po!
Wow! What a week. After spending half a day with the Shaners to get the new apartment set up, they rewarded me by delivering your package! Although it was great to see the eggnog, money, jerky, frosting, and other goodies, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Milo hair stuck to some of the stuff. That guy really is nothing but a hairball. Transfer day was fun because the 5 of us batchmates re-performed a version of Nearer My God To Thee that we had organized into parts and made our theme song and havn't been able to re perform since then. It was also a surprise to find out that there are now an additional 4 new elders in our zone because of new areas. My first area Cabagan was split in half, and so was our area of Tuguegarao 2. It was really weird going to church on Sunday with 4 Elders in one ward. They are planning/in the process of splitting the ward because it has an average attendance of 175, and as soon as the new branch or ward is organized Me and Elder Reyes will go with it. With the new Elders coming, also went all of our investigators, baptismal dates, and less actives we were focusing on. The worse part is that our dinner apartments were taken too! Haha. We've had to spend the last several days working with them and showing them where all their houses are. This week will be interesting because Me and Elder Reyes have spent very little time there and as a result, don't really have any investigators or less actives to go to. That also means we will have to travel about 15-30 mins everyday just to get to our area until we find another apartment that is closer. I feel like all I ever do is look for apartments now! Basically, we are opening up a new area. It will be a fun experience.  
We had a great baptism on Saturday with 2 of our Investigators being baptized. They are both really awesome because they both have a solid testimony and knew that this is what they wanted to do. One of them has been coming to church/an investigator for 3 years but hasn't been able to be baptized until now because of problems with her live in "friend" not being married. In the end, she was excited when her live in friend recently separated from her so that she could be baptized because she has been reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church for so long she knew it was true. The other one is the girlfriend of a returned missionary here and she had to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover before deciding she would listen to missionaries.

Elder Nay and Rashel Gavino

 We have one investigator is the wife of the nephew of the stake president, and she is probably one of the most solid investigators I've seen. Her husband has been inactive for many years now but recently decided to come back because he missed feeling the Spirit at church. She has been reading the Book of Mormon, starting from the title page, and said that she doesn't understand why she cries every time she reads it. She said there is some kind of power radiating from the book that makes her want to read every minute she can. During church and every time we teach, she actually takes notes and makes highlights in her scriptures. She invited herself to the baptism on Saturday so that she can see what happens there. The day after we asked her to pray to ask if Joseph Smith is a true prophet she excitedly announced that she was answered in her dream. Their 3 year old boy is one of the cutest little kids I've ever seen and after he met us he pestered his parents to buy him missionary clothes so he can be a missionary too. And wouldn't you know it, when he came to church yesterday, the only thing he was missing is a name tag! haha. We told him that in order to be a missionary he needs to learn to pray and he said he would practice. After we told them the new missionaries will be the ones to teach them from now on, they asked us if we could finish teaching before we left to our new area. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work that way... 
Well, I think that's it for this week. Thanks for being you!
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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