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Monday, October 1, 2012

1 October 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta po sa lahat ng aking minamahal!
Well, its been a busy day and we don't have too much time to write, so I may have to cut this short. We had to help the new elders that took the other half of our area move into a new apartment because of weird problems with the landlord. Good times. 
Last week was family week celebration throughout the Philippines, so as part of a big celebration, the missionaries teamed up with all of the members in Tuguegarao (both stakes) and had a parade. Turns out, parades here a lot different than back home. Haha. None of the other side streets were blocked off or anything, so we constantly had other tricys and motors making our parade a little bigger... Haha. It was fun though. We gave out a bunch of Articles of Faith cards along the way. After the parade, there was some activities and food at the stake center, and a lot of investigators and less actives ended up coming.
I can also check off the list eating some worm/bug things that come from fields. Don't worry, It was cooked up so it was brown and crunchy. For me the weird part was eating the little legs. It was ok though. Not terrible.
We were just informed that once again, the Philippine Cauayan mission is officially number one through all of Asia and Pacific in: investigators with baptism date, investigators attending church, lessons taught with members present, and highest number of baptisms per companionship. Just a little fact Ben in Taiwan or Lauren going to Japan might want to know. ;) haha just kidding. It is fun to see so much growth here and extra areas being opened. 
Mom, you have a special assignment. It is now your turn to be a missionary! I told Rashel (one of the people baptized last week) to add you on Facebook because she is moving to Canada this week and nervous because she said she doesn't have any friends in the church over there (and only a couple here) and still worried about trying to find the church. We showed her with the locate a meetinghouse thing and told her to contact the bishop, but I think she is too afraid/too expensive to call there. Her fiance is a returned missionary and planning on joining her there in about a year after he gets his paperwork and things settled, but we are worried the transition will get in the way of her activity in the church. She has a great testimony and wants to stay active though. I realize there is only so much you can do with you being in Utah and her in Canada, but we think it would be very helpful if you could answer any questions and help her get settled into a place where she has absolutely no support. I honestly don't know how good her English is because I've never spoken it with her, but I know she understands it just fine because she reads the Book of Mormon in English (which is pretty typical for Filipinos). I wish you luck on making sure a recent convert that I taught stays active! Let me know how it goes.
Also, special assignment number 2, the stake president that we work with so often here put in a special request for a miniature PMG, just like the one you sent me in the MTC. He even offered to pay for it and shipping, but I told him I don't think that would be necessary and I'd see what I could do to have it sent in the Christmas package. :) He also wants one of those little keychain oil vials, because I don't think there is any place to buy them here. I figured you might be able to put in a good word to Santa's elves...
The Fall colors are looking nice over there. Make sure and enjoy them while they last! I'm enjoying all the different shades of green and rain.
My regards also go to Kimbal with his mother just passing away. The sting of death never is a good thing, but it is great to know that God has an eternal plan for all of us.
Maraming salamat po sa lahat,
Mahal kita,
Elder Nay

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