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Monday, October 8, 2012

8 October 2012

Magandang hapon po!

Kamusta po sa inyong lahat!
I'm glad you all had a good time watching general conference, I still have to wait for next week. That is super crazy though about the missionary age being lowered. I bet there is going to be a huge increase in numbers over the next few months. 
Last saturday we got to train the stake leaders and bishoprics again which was kind of weird. They made a ward to a practice ward council meeting and had me and Elder Reyes critique it to what they can do better, which was interesting seems how I've never been in a ward council meeting before. It was a great meeting though and they all left with a greater sense of urgency to hang on to recent converts. 
Tuguegaro North Zone Leaders
It was a busy week going to Cauayan again for Zone leaders meeting, but the home made pizza made it worth spending over 6 hours in travel for the day. I love having the chance to work with President Carlos more closely, he's definitely the best mission president ever. He is an excellent teacher and has a heart of gold.
Christmas is already in the air and it is super weird. A lot of businesses and people are blasting Christmas music already. People LOVE Christmas season here. The fact that pretty much every person living in the Philippines is a Christian might have something to do with that... Haha. I have yet to talk to a person that doesn't believe in God or Jesus Christ. I guess that is one reason why missionary work is so hot here in the Philippines. It is also getting colder here, which I am VERY thankful for. For over a week now, I haven't woken up in my sweat! What a weird experience. I am also having to pull out my sheet in the middle of the night. I can't help but laugh when I see Elder Reyes go to bed wearing a sweater and extra clothes all wrapped up in bed. People think I am crazy when I tell them it is perfect temperature. 
Dad would love talking to some of the old people here about their World War 2 stories. I got one lady talking yesterday about the Americans sneaking in during the night to evacuate them in preparations for bombing runs and how they couldn't use any soap or salt because the Japanese took it all. Made me appreciate living in America that much more! Most Americans really don't realize how blessed we are to have a functioning government and all the freedom that comes with it.
Mom, the English PMG will be fine because English is what most everybody reads here, especially in the church materials. Color or black and white will be fine, but I'm sure he'd like color more.
And dad, you are 100% correct in that facebook here is just a contest to see how many "friends" someone has. It is sad to see how addicted so many people are. But, Brenda is the other one that was baptized with Rashel. Not sure how she found your name, haha. I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to add her or not, but I'm sure she would love support considering she is a single mother and not too many friends in the church.
Elder Reyes and I are still chugging away at starting this new area and finding new investigators and people to teach. It is interesting to see how prepared some people are to hear the message of the Restoration. This truly is a message that most people want to listen to, but some people don't quite know they need it yet. But then every now and then there are those people that literally come out of their house just to tell you "nobody is home". I can't help but laugh when I hear that though. 
Thanks for everything you do and for your support!
Mahal kita,
Elder Nay

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