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Thursday, September 6, 2012

3 Sept 2012

To Mothers of Missionaries--A Poem

To Mothers of Missionaries

I see the son whom you cannot watch
He arrives exhilarated and confused
Sleepy from 2 a.m. packing
And long flights next to strangers who stare
He wears his name and religion on his chest
You would be so proud
To see what I see
I want him to be my son too

He is born again into a life of discipleship
Learning to walk in the shadow of Christ
Not flinching at slammed doors
Returning good for evil
And letting the Spirit place his steps
He bends his will through discipline and pleading
And closes his eyes to rest counting
Scriptures like sheep

Waiting for divinity
He opens his mouth
With words of rescue
To an uncertain world which churns
Aching hearts
You would be so proud
To witness his love
For those who reveal their hope to his faith

It doesn’t seem fair
I see these things and you don’t
You having walked through that valley of shadows
And death for this boy
Replaced lost CTR rings, imprinted his name on scriptures
And called Seminary more than once.
Yet I see his refining and fire
Burning dross and forging honor
All his good manners remembered
And you are at home on your knees

I may understand how you feel
I too, have sent sons to foreign lands
And trusted another woman to watch over,
love and protect the boys I so loved.
I pledge to do my best to guard your son
and I will join you in my home away from home here in the Philippines
on my knees praying for your son’s well being—because I love him too!

Part of a poem by Sister Kathleen Nilsen –Columbus Ohio LDS Mission. Last stanza is an addition from Sister Brenda Carlos—Philippines Cauayan Mission

(Borrowed from Sister Carlos's mission blog.)

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