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Monday, December 5, 2011

5 December 2011

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta po kayo?
Sa akin, buhay pa dito sa Pilipinas! haha. Well, just as expected, Elder Tangi is no longer here in Cabagan. 22/26 missionaries in the Tuguegarao zone had to go to Cauayan in 2 vans, plus the luggage of whoever was getting transferred. It made for a very squished ride and just my luck, I had to sit in the crack in between 2 uncomfortable seats. Its about a 2 hour ride from Cabagan to Cauayan. Once I got there, it was good to see all 4 of the other batchmates from the mtc. I had to laugh at 2 of them because they are already training. I also saw an Elder Allen that seemed very excited to see a familiar face. He is now with a fillipino comp on the opposite end of the mission. I'm in the furthest north zone, he's in the furthest south. I'm sure we'll cross paths sometime down the road though. My new comp is Elder Sister. Most people just look confused or ask him why his name isn't Elder Elder. One tatay was funny and just laughed and asked him why his name was Elder Sister. I don't think he really had much of a choice in the matter though... haha. He is a fillipino from Manila and hardly speaks any English, so this is definitely going to help me learn Tagalog faster. He really wants to learn English though so we've been helping each other out. And yes, he is almost a foot shorter than me. He is a really hard worker which is great because there are so many appointments everyday here. It's really weird in the Tuguegarao zone now because there are only 6 Americans now. I did get to weigh myself though at the mission home and what a surprise-back to my usual 165. I guess thats my destined weight. 
Its been very nice here for the last several days (at least for me). The fillipinos are still complaining about how cold it is. 
I was waiting to open the package until I found out if I was getting transferred or not. But now that its open, thanks for the food and random stuff! The christmas tree is already dutifully sitting on our table. I'm still not sure where the other 3 pages of the story you sent though... Haha. 
To make it to more appointments, we went on splits with some other ward members. It was weird to not be with another person with a name tag but it was good to get twice as much done. 
It was fun to see some Thanksgiving pics. Must have been really weird having the zip line up again! Haha. 
I can't imagine Mom being excited at all about tending Jenna for a week... That will be her first real tending as a grandma! You should try my advice a few weeks ago about diapers and tell me how it works. 
Well, thats all the exciting stuff from this week, which really isn't too much. Maybe next week I'll have some exciting story for you. Until next time,
Mahal Kita, 
Elder Nay

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