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Monday, December 12, 2011

12 December 2011

baby Bacod

Last visit to Bacod family with Elder Tangi

Looks like this frog croaked one too many times!

Walking up a street/river with Elder Sister and a member

Front gate

More flood

      Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta po sa inyong lahat!
I have already seen a huge difference in my Tagalog in just the one week being with Elder Sister. Seems how he doesn't really speak English, I don't really have a choice but to spit out Tagalog every day. He is making decent progress on his English though. Another fun fact about Elder Sister is that he is 27 years old! He was baptized at 24, then left just a little before the 26 year old cut off date. That goes to show that for those people that didn't make it out the door at 19 or 20, thats just okay! The most important part is that at least you make it out the door. He was the only member in his family when he left, but now his mom is baptized too. Yesterday we were able to watch the Christmas devotional with the first presidency that all of you folks got to see a week ago. As expected, it was really good and the MoTab did a splendid job as always. Too bad the stake center is too far away to take our investigators to be able to watch and feel of the spirit there. 
It poured rain for a day straight and has been icy cold at about 70 degrees ever since with cloud cover. The rain was kind of fun, except it is really annoying having our street flood every time it rains. We literally can't leave our front gate without stepping in several inches of water. 
All of our baptism dates got pushed back again, but now we're shooting for 3 in January. It's slightly frustrating having to move peoples dates back so often but its good to know that when they are baptized, they are going to be solid and hopefully not go inactive just after they are baptized. That is still a big problem in the Philippines. I think a lot of missionaries cut corners and try to force them to have a testimony really fast so they can pass the baptism interview and drag them to church every week, but thats not at all how it should be done in order for them to build a testimony of their own. Some of our most solid investigators are still the Bacod family. They know everything is true and want to be baptized and go to the temple, but brother has a job from 6 in the morning until 7:30 at night 7 days a week, with absolutely no time off, meaning he can't attend church and be baptized. They were done with all of the lessons months ago and now they practically teach us when we visit them. We're just hoping for another job for brother. 
Mom-all I saw about the story was the headline which was something about a boy being pronounced DOA but now he is alive. Hopefully that narrows it down.
It was great to hear from Bill and Carol again! Glad to know the rain is finally putting an end to the boiling heat. I'm still waiting for support money from them so I can buy a tricy and avoid walking through all the puddles. 
That is funny about the relationship with Jenna and Milo. I'm surprised he's not a grumpy butt to her like he normally is with kids. I guess Nat and B are going to have to get a dog next! If nothing else, it will save some cleaning up around the high chair. Haha
Thats kinda cool and weird that dad got to go on a business trip. Its been a long time since the business trip days! 
So.... I hear that Young's farewell is coming up? That's great! Except nobody has told me where he is going yet.....
It is really weird to see Kyle all dressed up and doing doctor stuff now. I swear it was just a year ago he got off his mission! Crazy how fast we're getting old. 
Thats cool that dad got to go on another horseride. Really weird to think how the sun can be out and still be 40 degrees or below. Here if the sun is out, its guaranteed to be hot. Either hot, or blistering hot. Its decent though if there is cloud cover and a breeze.
I still have no idea about how the Christmas chat is going to work. I suspect I'll hear more info in the next week or 2. From what I've heard though, I'll just head to an internet cafe and call you on skype. It should be much cheaper that way. Hopefully my skype account still works! Haha.
Well, until next week,
Mahal Kita
Elder Nay

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