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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28 December 2011

Elder Nay is trying to find the candy using many body parts!

We were able to talk to Michael via Skype for a little over 3 hours Christmas evening!  It was actually the 26th for Michael.  It was SOOO good to actually see AND hear him.  Apparently the Filipino people are fascinated with Americans.  Some guy kept looking in behind Michael's back  thru a gap in the curtain while we were skyping.  He even went and got a chair!  Finally, Michael pulled the curtain so his new "friend" couldn't watch our conversation.   Then he actually took pictures of us from over the curtain!!  What a hoot! So, no email from Michael to post this week.  The picture is from Sister Carlos's mission blog posted today.  It was taken at a Tuguegarao district meeting.  Elder Tangi had spread candy all over the cultural hall floor.  The missionaries were then blindfolded and told to find the candy--they got to keep what they found!  Not sure of the purpose of this activity but sounds fun and yummy -- way to go Michael! :)

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