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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

19 September 2011

  • Magandang Hapon!‏

Kamusta po Kayo?!
Sounds like an exciting week back on the home front! Thats pretty big news that there is going to be an addition to the family! I guess I won't be able to make it for the wedding. I'll try to be there as much as I can though in spirit! I tried convincing Bryan to hold off until I got home but he didn't listen-go figure. Glad to see that Bryan was able to pull out his creative and cutesy side to ask her. Now all you have to do is write checks for the wedding! Haha. In addition to that, sounds like a successful week preparing for christmas, mom babysitting, and dad taking a break from bishop stuff.
Well this is going to be a little shorter than usual because we were very busy today doing activities with our district and short on time. And I get to talk to you next week. It was my first time bowling in a really ghetto bowling alley with balls a little bigger than a croquet ball and no finger holes. The best part was the guy at the back that set up all of our pins and threw the balls back to us. He was pretty quick to avoid being hit a couple times. We also played pool which was pretty fun, even though I am terrible at it. 
The plan for next week is we are going to Tuguegarao on my Dec. 26th, probably at about 9Am my time. Who knows what that is for you, probably sometime on your 25th night. The internet is much faster in Tuguegarao which should be better for skype. If I remember correctly my skype name is mikeanaytor (clever, I know), so you can add me in advance and I can just add you that way. If for whatever reason that doesn't work or is really crappy, you can call on our cell phone. Of course there is probably about 500 other numbers you'll have to push for the international code and such. But, either which way I should be in some kind of internet shop around 9 AM on the 26th so we can email back and forth if we have to get things figured out. If all goes perfectly I'll just add you and call you on skype, so have the comp ready. Knowing mom, She'll make dad have the computer on about 3 hours before I say I will call, just to "be safe". Sorry dad! Haha. The reason I say the 26th is because saturday we are busy all day with going to baptisms and by the time I  can get to a computer on sunday, you will all be asleep (or being santa). And In Tuguegarao late at night it is hard to find rides back to Cabagan. So, that is the plan for next week! Hope you don't have to cancel any late night xmas parties. 
This week really wasn't anything too exciting here. The weather was very nice and cool and windy for me. Of course everyone else is still complaining about how cold it is. I didn't even realize how bad the storm was in Manila until I saw your emails. Nothing like that in this part of the Philippines. We were busy all day-from 9AM to 9PM Saturday traveling and doing baptism interviews.
Tomorrow we get to go to Cauayan for zone conference and christmas party, which means a lot of really yummy food. President Carlos called me up and asked me to give a little talk, so that should be a blast. You all know how I love giving talks. 
Thats pretty exciting about Young and his farewell-doesn't surprise me that he did a great job and lots of people were there. He is going to be a great missionary for sure. 
Well, thats the basic summary of this week. Next week instead of an email, we will just get to talk to each other instead! Start making a list of things you want to ask/talk about missionary life in the Philippines that I keep leaving out. 
Mahal Kita and Merry Christmas,
Elder Nay

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