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Monday, January 9, 2012

9 January 2012

Me and JR


From Sis Carlos's blog: Christmas Zone Conference
     The Elders of Tuguegarao did the Haka. 
                                       Wow it was sure fun to watch those white boys get down
                                            and ugly. They were led by Elder Brown from Samoa!

 Elder Daluman leads Tuguegarao zone in a beautiful Christmas Carol.


Re-gifting to some members

The bridge to San Bernardo
(closed to vehicles because it is broken.  Still alive enough to walk across it though! haha)

Some nice debris caught on the bridge, notice the dead bloated dog.

Eating at a member's house

Our neighbor's dog that likes to hang out with us.  When we leave
the gate open, he invites himself in.  He's one of the cleaner and
nicer dogs around.

         Magandang Hapon po sa inyong lahat!

Kamusta po Kayo diyan?
Last week went by just as fast as all the last ones did. It was a good week though. Saturday was the baptism of JR, my first convert baptism in the mission. He didn't quite understand the concept of having to bend the knees in order to go under the water all the way, so we had to redo it 3 times. I would have used my knee to buckle his but the problem was that my knee came up to his back instead of his knee. For some reason he wasn't able to come to church the next day so he still hasn't been confirmed. Even though he is the only member in his family, he seems very happy to accept some church members as part of his new family. Later in the day a member brought her boyfriend to the mutual activity and he said he had been taught earlier in the year and wanted to be taught again by the missionaries. After teaching him the first lesson, we invited him to be baptized and not only did he say yes, he asked who would baptize him and what time the service would be. Why can't everyone be like him!? Haha. I most likely won't be here, but he should be getting baptized in 3 weeks.
I have now had duck and catfish. The duck tasted alright, but the little bones are annoying to chew around. The meat was a little tough too. The catfish was okay. I'm not ready to call it a favorite, but it didn't taste as bad as I thought it would. I couldn't stop thinking about the nasty catfish in Lake Powell with the lovely whisker things. 
In about an hour we are going Penablanca to have an airsoft battle with some fellow zone mates. We all bought some cheap airsoft guns, but they are still surprisingly powerful. Something tells me its going to hurt a little. For some reason, the sisters are going to just stick with waterguns. Wonder why....
Mom-there really isn't much fresh fruit here yet because its "winter". Just recently I saw a bunch of really green bananas on some trees and little coconuts. They still have the fresh fruit, its just more expensive because they import it from farther south, which means the yummy bananas are 60 pesos/kilo instead of the 40. I love the prices here compared to the US dollar.
We also have a new investigator that seems really interested and has a lot of questions, and when I started speaking in Tagalog to her she just asked me to speak english instead. Haha. I'm not going to lie though, it was really nice to be able to say what I actually wanted to say and everyone that was with me said the spirit was a lot stronger than when I usually speak. At the same time, it was kind of weird speaking so much English, and I couldn't help myself from using bits and pieces of Tagalog. I can understand pretty much everything now, its just my grammar thats terrible. Even the fillipino's say I'm ahead of the game with the Tagalog for only being here 4 months. 
Well, the others are all done and impatiently waiting for me. Until next week.
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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