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Monday, January 16, 2012

16 January 2012

Magandang Hapon!

Kamusta po kayo diyan?
Well, it was a week full of surprises. You won't believe how awesome my new area is. Its very similar to Cabagan. Maybe thats because I havn't really moved anywhere, and I am still in Cabagan! haha. I thought for sure I was getting transferred so last sunday and monday I started saying goodbye to people, then when I found out Elder Sister was the one getting transferred and not me, I was pretty surprised. Later in the day one of the Assistants to President called and said I "had a meeting in Cauayan the next day". Basically, thats just a fancy way of saying you are going to be a trainer and you need to be trained how to train. Meetings are us! Haha. It wasn't too bad though because president bought us all lunch afterwards. Elder Landeen (batchmate in the MTC) was there too, which means 4 out of the 5 of us in my batch are now training. I guess I can stop laughing at the others who started training 6 weeks ago. I think President is trying to kill some of the old habits and traditions of the older missionaries by having the newer and younger missionaries take the leadership positions and train. Because the Tuguegarao zone is in a land far far a way from Cauayan, we slept in an area a little closer to the mission home seems how we had to go back the next morning. Because I'm training under this new 12 week program, there's a good chance I will be here for another 6 weeks after this cycle, which means I will have spent my first 8 months in the field in my first area. That's alright though, I like it here. Not to mention it's the nicest apartment in the mission. Now that I'm actually able to communicate with people, I'm just getting to become closer to the members and investigators here. When I brought Elder Aguila back with me to Cabagan, everyone was very surprised to not only see that I'm still here, but as they say here in the Philippines, I also now have my first anak (kid). (That means Elder Tangi is my tatay). It is really weird to think that I was trained here, and now I'm supposed to be the one that knows how to teach and what to do so I can train here. Its going to be a good cycle and I'm definitely going to learn a lot. Because I'm with another Fillipino, my Tagalog is going to get better pretty quick. He is a very hard worker and wants to be obedient, so I can't ask for anything better than that! I can already sense that between the 2 of us, we're going to get a lot of good work done here. He is from an area in the Philippines called Bicol and also went to school to be a food tech, so hopefully I should be getting some yummy meals this cycle! Haha. FYI-I weighed myself again at the mission home and am 170. What a surprise. 
It is starting to get pretty hot again. The "winter" was nice while it lasted. I'm actually having to use my sweat rags again. Tuguegarao is supposedly the hottest city in the whole Philippines, so I can't wait for it to be summer! 
Life over in your half of the world sounds busy and fun, like usual. I couldn't help but laugh when I read that you had to spend 2 whole days looking for a wedding dress and still only able to narrow it down to 4. Call me a little crazy... but I think I would have gone hunting with dad and the dogs. Haha. I also laughed to hear that there are actually some things called an "engaged couples fireside". We must live in Utah or something.
Thats also great to hear that Uncle Bill has a new pet elephant, but a little sad to think that it is sitting on his chest the whole time. Hopefully he'll decide to move sometime soon so you can actually breathe and move.
I could use your brains though trying to think of little games to play with families/groups of people. Doesn't necessarily have to relate to anything about the gospel, just different games to play for activities with family home evenings or in group settings. Just general group games that take very few or no supplies/preparation. Stuff like simon says and duck duck goose. Several times people have looked at me for an activity/game and I have no idea what to do. 
Thats about it on this part of the world. I havn't done much this week except travel a bunch and sit in the apartment and study (part of training means 2 hour companion study).
Ingat and Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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