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Monday, January 23, 2012

23 January 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta kayo na!?
Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat para ang mga sulat nyo! It was great to hear from you. Also thank you for the game/trick ideas. I will probably be testing some of them out later tonight at an FHE. FHE's are great because it always includes dinner. :) As missionaries, we're always looking for free food! It's kind of funny how much money I spend on food compared to most other missionaries. Every time I come out of the grocery store with a huge bag, people just look at me weird because most Filipinos don't have the money to buy food for a whole week in one trip to the store. I think I also get the reward for buying the most junk food to always have on hand. With how little food they buy (even the missionaries that SHOULD have a decent chunk of money for food), Its no wonder they are all so small! Haha. There really isn't such thing as a breakfast for them, just a lunch a little earlier. Elder Tangi has taught me well in that area-being Tongan, he always had food! Haha. Even Elder Aguila refuses to eat breakfast, even though he knows how to cook and has the money to do it. Even after my breakfast I'm still hungry-I'm not sure how they do it!
Speaking of food, the Tuguegarao zone went to Cauayan on Tuesday for interviews with the president and to hang out at the mission home, and I figured out why they always have so much good food-Sis. Carlos wrote a cook book! She was showing it to me and as soon as it got to the dessert section, I couldn't help but lust after some of the pictures of desserts (is it bad to lust after food? Haha).
For the next couple of days, it is Fiesta time in Cabagan. This time it isn't just one barangay, but the whole city of Cabagan. Pretty much everywhere we go we're going to be stuffed to the rafters. It's a pretty big deal here and they even closed the schools for the occasion. Basically, its just a big party with a bunch of activities and performances and such. It's the busiest I've ever seen the city center. For the rest of the P-day, we're going to go hang out at the park/city center where all the action is which will be fun to see some culture. 
Training is going fine, I don't really feel like all that much has changed. I'm just going back to the same schedule I was on for 12 weeks-which really wasn't that long ago! Except this time, it is a little more weird being the one responsible for making sure the lessons go a little smoother and teach the right stuff. It is definitely nice being with a Fillipino still while I am still figuring out Tagalog. Elder Aguila is really good at understanding English (I tested him by purposely speaking really fast in English), but like most Filipinos, he's a little shy to speak it. In their culture, if you mess up a sentence or don't know the right words, they just laugh at you-so most Filipinos understand English (at least the basics) because it is required in school, but they don't want to speak it. It's good though, I'm pretty sure I would die if I had to train a greenie American that doesn't speak any Tagalog. I'm just glad to have a companion that's willing to be obedient and work hard. He's also really good with talking to people and building relationships, which is great seems how I can't go into that deep of a conversation yet. 
This week there really wasn't anything exciting that happened, just studying, walking, studying, teaching, sitting, and more studying. Good luck with everything you're doing on your half of the world! 
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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