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Monday, March 26, 2012

26 March 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta po sa inyong lahat!
Welcome to this new and wonderful Monday! I've recently had a couple people ask me what time it was back in Utah and it's still weird to me to think you are still in Sunday night when it is Monday afternoon here. It has been a great break from the heat these last couple days. It reminded me of Utah and how the weather can change so quickly. Several days in a row I was starting to think it was the hottest I've ever been and wiping away so much sweat, then later that night an unusual cold front came through and it has been like winter again for a few days with a decent wind all the time, and probably about 75 degrees with constant cloud cover and light rain every once in a while. The last couple nights I've even had to turn off the electric fan and close the bedroom window! Except turning off the fan can always be a risk because if the fan is off, the mosquitoes are able to find their way to the ear and waking up to that wonderful noise of a bug flying in your ear. Everyone else is having to bust out the jackets and hats, but I'm loving it! 
That's kind of funny that the old scooter is finally in working order again. The real question is, even though the oil isn't spraying on the legs when you drive, does the speedometer work? That would be a bummer if it did-I was just getting good at guessing speed! But that's great news that the old Potato is still clunking (literally) along. Who knows for how many more days though! Haha. That's pretty ridiculous that gas is about 4$... I think I would drive the scooter everyday instead! Here people are complaining about how gas is high being about 60 pesos for a liter. Pretty sure I'd much rather pay that than the 4$! 
That's weird to me that conference is this week. Well, at least for you folk. It will be weird to see so many white people at one time again when I watch it next week. 
It's kind of fun for me at this time of the year because now all the fruits are coming on in full force and are everywhere. Earlier this week one of the Less Active families we were visiting grabbed a couple of big coconuts from their trees then chopped it open for us as a snack. After drinking the juice inside, they gave me a spoon to start scraping out the insides. I had never realized that papayas were so big! I'll probably start diving into some mangoes this week. 
Not too much has changed in that we are still completely booked all the time and the whole week for me is just turning into appointments that are all meshing together. Some of the investigators that we got from referrals are pretty awesome now and even though we've only met with one of them a couple times, she was excited when we finally gave her a Tagalog Book of Mormon and now she is already well into it and taking notes in the back. It's interesting to see how something that seems so simple as a book can change a person's life. I taught one of our new referral's for the first time and even though he was slightly drunk from coming from a fiesta, he still was very interested and asking questions such as why the Book of Mormon was important. It's also surprised me why so many people are afraid to pray for the first time. I frequently have to spend several minutes trying to convince people why they need to pray at that time and how to do it correctly. 
I tried to send a few pics but as luck would have it, the computer doesn't want to cooperate. Maybe next week.
Good luck with everything you're doing on that side of the world. 
Mahal Kita, 
Elder Nay

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