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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

12 March 2012

Tuguegarao Zone with Sister Monsalud as the chef of the day!

Tuguegarao Zone 

Zone Days at the Mission Home

Each quarter President Carlos interviews each missionary. During this quarter President Carlos decided to invite each zone to come to the Mission Home. The zone traveled by jeepney or vans and arrived by 10 am. While president was pulling out one missionary at a time, we asked one of the best cooks in the zone to teach their fellow zone missionaries how to cook one or two dishes. Everyone helped and lunch was prepared. Each day brought a whole new recipe of delicious food.
After the cooking class and lunch we showed 17 Miracles (a great movie about the Wiley Martin Handcart Company). Missionaries could play board games (Uno, Mexican Train, Clue, etc.) We also played Concentration on a giant concentration board. As teams matched musical phrases or tempos we would stop and talk about them or beat out the pattern. By the end of the game missionaries felt more comfortable leading the music in our meetings. It was a full day but so much fun to spend a little time with each zone! (copied from Sis. Carlos Mission blog)

A dog with some awesome eyes

Frederick's baptism

Frederick's baptism

Fireside with Elder Nielsen

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta po sa inyong lahat!
I am in the process of sending a few pictures but it is slower than molasses so hopefully you'll get everything before I have to go to sleep. 
From all the pictures I saw that you sent, everyday seemed to have a smile on during wedding day so I guess that is a good sign. Maybe its just because after about 6 hours of pictures smiles just get plastered onto the face! Haha. I feel bad I couldn't help participate in the car "decorating" but I'm glad it managed to get done without me. I guess by the time the next Nay wedding takes place will be when I am on the receiving end of the "decorating". Can't wait! Kind of weird that I'm now officially a lone ranger. But, I guess I don't have to say that to the EMPTY NESTERS. I guess you really aren't empty nesters yet because you still have Milo, and he is pretty much like taking care of a little kid. I'm going to have to agree with Dad and say that the fun part sounds like it was the day before the wedding when all the boys got to go shooting guns! Haha. Sounds like a "blast" was had by all. Hopefully you got to say hello to my glock for me in the process, it's probably feeling a little lonely. I feel honored that Jenna spent a little time talking to me during the week. That must have been weird to have 2 little babies in the house at once! Mom was probably feeling a little overwhelmed and ready to see them leave.... Joke! 
Things on this end of the world havn't changed too much. Still fully booked every hour of every day. We did have a one day mission here in Cabagan which meant all day Saturday we had 10 other missionaries and all the stake high council and several members that decided to tag along from different wards. In all we probably had about 50 people helping us out to visit the less actives. It was also miserably hot and not a breeze to be had, but everybody stayed around. I think the water we were drinking was going straight out into sweat. By the end of the day, we were very exhausted but it was a great turnout. It is kind of fun to slowly see the number of less actives come back to church. The new focus is starting to pay off. 
It was also great to see the Nanay of Peter finally come to church. She has been listening and has always participated in the lessons ever since we started teaching Peter back in October or so, but for some reason has never made it to church. This last week I got a little more annoying and bold with her and she told me that she was perfectly fine going to the Catholic church in the afternoon and listening to our messages because she always loves to hear the word of God. I told her to try coming at least once and just because she came it doesn't mean she would have to be baptized. But just like in all the past times she gave a definite, "I'll try". I then told her that we would be coming by at 8:15 to help her "try" to get to church. She told me she would just see us there but I knew exactly what that meant. After telling her we were coming by whether she liked it or not, she said ok! She seemed to really enjoy it especially because it was ward conference which meant that the sacrament meeting was actually conducted like it should be and had good talks. 
And about my goretex shoes-if you can scam a warranty out of it awesome but if not, I'll just wait until they are a little more destroyed then get some tire tread put on the bottom for a hundred pesos or so. 
Well I think that's about all I have to share this week. Have a fun week and don't forget who you are and where you live!
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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