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Monday, November 21, 2011

21 November 2011


More sewage

Fried Tillapia

      Magandang Hapon po!

I can't believe it snowed 10 inches in Logan! Sheesh. Crazy stuff. I feel like it rained about 10 inches here over the week if that makes you jealous at all. We discovered several leaks in our roof so we were using buckets to catch the water. Thats exciting about Stu and Chala officially being back now! I hope they don't miss the sweat and pollution of Vegas too much. 
Well Elder Tangi and I didn't have a community service project this week...but we definitely had a cleaning project. Somewhere along our sewage line is plugged up, which means that a bunch of sewage came spewing out from the side of the house. When we first saw it it was all over the pathway at the side of our house, with some rather hefty piles in some areas. Imagine unloading the houseboat after a couple of days into a 4 foot hallway. It smelled really nice too. :) We went to our land lord to have him send someone, and a couple hours later a 65 year old tatay came up on a rusted little kid bike armed with a garden hose and a cigarette. He was all dressed up for the occasion too-tanktop, shorts, and flip flops. He had no shame whatsoever as he stomped through it and started moving stuff around with his bare hands. His idea of cleaning it up was using random supplies we had at the house to scoop it up and throw it in the field across from us. In his process of sweeping stuff up, sewage went flying all over the side of the house and the wall of the fence (not to mention his footprints everywhere he walked). After he shoved a garden hose down there a few times, he called it good and left. Luckily a few members came over to work with us, just in time to help us clean it up better. We made up several batches of big buckets of water with laundry detergent in it, and I was the one armed with a brush. I don't think I've ever been so up close and personal to poop before, scrubbing the walls and the walkway. It was definitely a day to remember! And no, it is not fixed yet. In the meantime, we just moved a cover to the gutter/sewage line on the side of the house so whenever we flush it just goes shooting directly into the gutter. Luckily in the Philippines we don't have to worry about the "we all live downstream" idea. 
Yesterday the stake presidency came and pretty much called the bishopric and ward members to repentance for not being more involved with the missionary work. There are about 460 members in the ward, and only about 100 that come each week. He also was on their case because there has only been 2 baptisms in this ward for the last year. The stake president was very bold during sacrament meeting by saying stuff like, "Can you not open your eyes? What are you doing? Do you not want a temple to be built in Tuguegarao in the near future to save you 11 hours of travel time? Why aren't you loving your neighbor by sharing the gospel to them?" Then he challenged each ward member to give us 1 referral within the month. I guess we'll see later if it made a difference. 
Last week on splits I felt like the senior companion because he knows just about as much Tagalog as me and we were in Cabagan so I was the one deciding where to go and doing most of the talking. It was a fun adventure. Under the new training program, all new missionaries are supposed to be prepared to be a trainer at 12 weeks so I guess this was good practice! Who knows, I could possibly be training Elder Allen! Haha
I feel like I'm a doctor already because people always ask me what they should do with their sicknesses and if certain things are bad for them. Its mostly just because I'm American-they think Americans know everything. Ha! Boy do I have them fooled. My favorite are when people ask what the laws are/how to apply to live or work in America. First of all, I don't think they really want to try to find a job in America right now, second of all, I've never had to apply for that before so I have no clue. But I have seen some pretty cool stuff here-tons of big bunions, chickenpox, and several big goiters/some other kind of tumor on the neck. Some of them are probably bigger than a baseball. I would love to get a picture of one but I don't want to be rude. 
Oh yeah-this is for Mom on saturday and Chala on sunday. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to the worlds bestest ever mom/Chala! Happy birthday to you! I think I sound a lot better when I sing it this way. :) That should be a fun birthday present to you, having the whole fam over. Minus me. But at least you will have several other newcomers to fill my space. I keep forgetting that thanksgiving exists and to celebrate you a eat a lot of good food. Don't worry, I'll try to have my helping of rice and if I'm REALLY lucky, I'll get some chicken.
Well, thats about it for this week. Have a thankful Thanksgiving and eat a lot of good grub for me! 
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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