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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

14 November 2011

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    Elder Tangi's attempt to run across the mud without slipping

    Hauling wood

    • Magandang Hapon!‏

    I will start out by giving a wonderful suggestion to Kyle/Aimee and Nat/B about how to save a bunch of money on diapers. I know you are pinching pennies right now so I figured I'd try to help out. I got this idea from several people I have seen here in the Philippines. I call it the get out of the way method. Its pretty common to see naked little kids everywhere, and I wondered how people dealt with the loving pee/poop of the babies, especially when holding them. While talking to one nanay holding her baby, I came to understand how it works. All you do is hold the baby away from you and bombs away! Haha this nanay even tried to catch some of it so she wouldn't have as much to clean up on the floor later. It didn't even phase her while she was talking either, just instinct. Don't know if you are interested or not in my suggestion, but it's the best I can do to help you out when I am on the other side of the world. :) Haha I've had to dodge some surprise streams of pee, even during lessons. It makes it kind of fun. 
    I got your package of FHE ideas on Thursday, so thanks for that. I also got the Christmas package yesterday. Mail only takes about 2 weeks to get to the mission home, then a week or so after that by the time it gets to me. Usually I get the mail each Tuesday at district meeting, but this week we were lucky because we had Elder and Sister Russel (couple missionaries) come to teach with us and then the AP's happened to be through our area on sunday. It just depends on when people are going/coming from Cauayan, which is about 2 hours from here. We requested to have the Russels come teach with us for one of our Tatay investigators who is an official eternal investigator. He has been seeing missionaries ever since the first ones came through Cabagan in 1983. He is close to staying away from his coffee everyday, but not quite yet. We invited him to be baptized but he is "still thinking about it". He comes to church almost every week. It was a great lesson because they were able to connect with him and relate to him a lot better than we ever could, even though Elder Tangi had to translate the whole time. We could tell he really enjoyed it because he asked when they were coming back. 
    On saturday we went to Solana which is about an hour and half north of Cabagan to do another service project. This one was helping a member haul a bunch of drift wood from a field close to the river to a closer field that could be accessed by a jeepney. The mud was super deep and gooey. As you can tell in my picture, it was up to my knees. It was a very grueling but fun workout. 
    Elder Tangi and I are too busy that we don't know what to do with ourselves. People give us referrals and people come up to us and ask us when we can come teach them, but our schedule is already booked for the week so we just have to hope that someday we will get to them. We are trying to talk president into bringing another set of missionaries here but who knows. Our area is ginormous too, one of the biggest in the mission. If all goes well we should have 4 baptisms in December, and several more in the months after that. We have about 13 investigators/families that we are trying to see each week. It makes it a lot harder with E. Tangi being district leader because of the extra splits, baptismal interviews, and we have to attend baptisms of anyone in our district. This saturday we will be traveling/interviewing all day. 
    Well I am out of time. Have fun speaking in church this sunday! On the bright side, at least you know what your topic is and you actually have time to prepare. :) 
    Mahal Kita, 
    Elder Nay

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