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Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 2 at MTC

Magandang hapon!‏

Fri 7/15/11 9:17 PM

Alright mom, you can only read this if you promise to cry. Alright, now that you've agreed, I guess you can continue.
So how was Kyle's boards? I sure hope it went well! He certainly deserves it with how hard he studies his butt off. I tried to do my part by praying and fasting for him, so hopefully the Lord was able to fill in a few extra blanks for him! The fast was probably a good thing for me to do anyways just to give my digestive system some time to clear out some of this cafeteria food! Its pretty funny to hear everyone complaining about how this food has been tearing people up and having to go to the bathroom 2-3 times more than normal. Some days it tastes pretty good, and other days (like today at lunch) you walk away just trying to convince yourself that it will be able to fill you up and that it was edible.
My P-days will be on Fridays, so be expecting letters then. Last week was weird because it was a half week so it was on saturday. Also, instead of emails if people could use dear elder or snail mail (at least while I am in the MTC) that would be really helpful because I could read it and have time to think about how to reply rather than stressing out about this 30 minutes until the computer shuts down. Last week I managed to push send with 2 seconds left. Hopefully I will get better at writing in a rush. I have been looking forward to this P-day all week. I've always heard misisonaries are busy all the time, but I never really realized that every minute of every day was blocked out. I'm so busy the whole time I feel like I barely have time to pee! It also means a lot of carrying binders and books around. I wish I had the bigger fannypack. At least for here, it will probably serve me better once I get there and don't have to carry as much stuff. It has been a lot of long days sitting in class and trying to learn. Its not exactly the best self esteem raiser when you sit in class for 3 hours learning Tagalog and barely starting to understand it, then come back the next day and learn a couple more hours of material. I don't think my brain can hold that much info! I think its coming along okay though. I mean, I've only been here a week and a half. I already know more Tagalog in this week and a half than I did ASL in those 2 years. There are some Elders in my district that are picking it up really well, but I'm certainly not that lucky. We are the victims of a newer curriculum, so we have to teach and meet all of our "investigators" here in the MTC in Tagalog--no english. Needless to say, our conversations and lessons aren't very long. It gets really frustrating though knowing what you want to say but not being able to. I'm not too stressed though because its only been a week and a half and I can only progress from here!
Oh, also a big thanks for all my friends that sent letters. And mom, thanks for the package of stuff that I forgot/left. It sure was fun wearing those levis to sweat in! I asked why we had to wear them and it is "for our own safety" because we sometimes have to deal with harsh chemicals. Right....  And thanks for sending E. Rostedt a package. I can tell he was very surprised. He was trying to figure out how his family was able to send one so quickly.
Speaking of E. Rostedt, he has been trying to teach me an Australian accent. I wish I could say I was picking it up, but I am very much failing. He's starting to give up on me because "my American accent is too strong". Oh well. I guess I'll just stick with learning one language at a time.
Thats really crazy and random that the Labrums know my mission president! That will be an interesting conversation starter when I meet him.
I talked to my Zone Leader more about how he got his mini PMG. He said it used to be that you couldn't buy them, but recently Cougar Creations started selling them for I think 15 bucks. He said there were a bunch of elders that just left that just found out about them and had their moms send a big shipment in. So goodluck in your hunt for one! I can get the cover laminated here for pretty cheap. Once I get to the Philippines, I'm going to put my big PMG in a hardback cover.
So here are a few random facts about my roommates: E Rostedt lives about 5 mins away from Harvey Bay. Can anyone say scuba trip? Haha. E Dickey (the one from Ohio) has 15 siblings. Crazy!
I found a few Milo hairs on some of my clothes. It was pretty sad to take them off. How is that hairy thing doing without me?
I met another Elder Nay a few days ago. That was really weird. He was from Riverton. He asked if our last name used to be McNay in the olden days and I said... Sure! Haha.
Well sorry its so random, I just type whatever is in my head while I still have time to type. I best be going so I can push send.
Mahal Kita!
Elder Nay
 PS. Happy anniversary Stu and Chala!

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