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Friday, July 15, 2011

Our first email from Elder Nay

Magandang Umaga!‏

Michael Nay (
Sat 7/09/11 2:47 PM

Well since being here I have seen pretty much everyone and their dog. There are SO many people here that I know its pretty crazy. Just after I saw Elder Call, I walked through the doors for the first time with Elder Schumann (the elders quorum president at college). I don't think you would know most of the people I could list because most of them are from college. But needless to say, it feels like a reunion every time I go to a meal.
I am still trying to get used to this whole losing your first name and being called "Elder" thing. I still have to catch myself from just saying the last name or calling people I know by the first name. And I think I can thank Bryan for getting me to say "big guy" or "kid". Haha.
Well the thing I noticed really quick is that it must be a policy that unless you are sweating everywhere you sit/walk, it is too cold. It gets really hot in all of the rooms, and none of the windows open so the air just gets thick and musty. And did I say hot? They only have a couple fans to go around the classrooms, so sometimes we're lucky and able to have a fan during class. It gets really hot in there fast because the room is really small, and my whole district meets in there, which is 12 of us. 5 of us are going to the Cauayan mission. Everyone else is going to some other mission in the Philippines. My 2 other roommates are going to the Bagio (I have no idea how to spell it, the first time I even heard of it was when they told me where they were going. All I know is that it is pronounced Bag-eo). Their names are Elders Dickey and Mansfield. E. Mansfield is from Highland, and E. Dickey is from Ohio. They are both really cool and easygoing. I guess you want to know about my companion... Sheesh you're getting picky in your old age. Haha. His name is Elder Rostedt (pronounced Ross-ted) and he is from Australia. He has a pretty awesome Australian accent. I don't think we have too much in common, but he is really easy going and fun to talk to anyways. He is pretty into music and plays the guitar and sings. During all the hymns, he's the one thats always doing the harmony. I think we will do well together though. He is really dedicated to learning the language so we are always practicing words and phrases as we walk places. He also helps me stay focused too. But there are no complaints with any of my roommates/companion. We all get along really well and are able to crack jokes and fart around each other already. :)
Mom, job well done on filling out the immunizations chart. I do have to get another Typhoid though because they expire every 2 years, and I got mine 2 years ago. So I will be taking that orally sometime soon. I chose oral because when I asked the nurse which was cheaper, she said oral. Haha. So that will be 50 bucks. But I have enough money to cover it.
Thanks for the package! I didn't get it until Thursday night because I have been so busy and thats when we got our DL... I feel like I barely have enough time to pee!
Well I have 1 minute left, but I need you to send one of my pants in the next package. I found out I have to have them for service day, which is thursdays. Lame. Oh well. Also if you could swing by Cougar creations or something like that and pick up a mini PMG. I saw one floating aroundd and it looked nice.
Gotta go.
Mahal kita
Do you miss me yet?? I didn't think so. Haha. Well you are the only email address I remember off the top of my head so you have the task of forwarding it on to dad and everyone else. And whatever you do, DON'T cry while reading this. I know thats hard for you... :) 

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