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Monday, February 25, 2013

18 February 2013

Magandang Hapon!

We played basketball for a few hours earlier with some other missionaries and members from Gamu, and I was reminded how terrible I am at it. It was fun to run around though and sweat a gallon. 
We were able to have a good turn out at a branch fireside we organized on Saturday. We focused on “Rescue the One” (the area goals of the Philippines for this year) and broke it into categories of Who, Why, How, and When. Elder and Sister Mills, and Elder Villania and I took turns talking about each category then giving an extra focus on How, seems how that is where most people have a hard time. We opened it up into a discussion and they brought up some main concerns or problems they have come up with while trying to rescue someone. We then made some of them Role play some of those concerns and discussed what would be best to do. All in all, it turned out well. Yesterday at church was also a rewarding day because everyone except for just a couple of the men/boys were wearing white shirts! It was a great sight to see so many people realizing the importance of their callings and responsibilities as priesthood holders. We didn’t even have to help bless the sacrament! Sis. Lapitan and Angie who were baptized last week already have a calling, Sis. Lapitan even spoke in Sacrament meeting. Bro. Lapitan and his 12 yr old were also sustained to have the Aaronic Priesthood. Things here in Gamu are definitely moving forward. It was a good Sunday to say the least. 
That is cool that Stu and Chala are already in their new house. In the coming months, I can only hope I will be part of the crew to do the dirty work with landscaping, electric dog fence, etc. Haha. 
Oh, and mom-you asked about what I wanted for my B-day package. Well, rather than you spending a fortune on shipping and stuff to send that I will just end up eating or giving away to make weight in my luggage going home in a few months, I think I'd prefer just putting that money aside and put it towards stuff I will need to buy when I get home. I know, sounds way too practical... Haha. So, don't worry about it. :)
This Friday will be fun because Elder Ardern from the Quorum of 70/area presidency is coming to give training to all the Zone Leaders and District Leaders in the mission. It will be a good day.
So for a random funny story, yesterday we were on our hour and half walk home at night when this guy started walking with us. Naturally, we started talking to him and we found out that he is a member and has been inactive for many years but want so get back to church. Of course we invited him to come to church and told him where the church was. He was about to seperate from us so he could go where he was going, but immediately caught up to us again and frantically told us our individual passwords. He told us several times what our "passwords" were, but then ran off before we could ask what he was talking about or what the passwords were for. So I guess we will just remember those just in case we need them someday. Haha.
Well, thanks for writing! Ingat kayo palagi.
Mahal ko kayo, 
Elder Nay

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