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Monday, February 25, 2013

11 February 2013

Magandang Hapon!

Kamusta sa inyong lahat!
That is pretty exciting that Dad is now in the MTC! That will be an awesome experience for both of you. One of the best perks of that calling is being able to attend the Tuesday devotionals. I'm sure you will see several apostles and general authorities in your time there. I still remember my MTC experience just like it was a few months ago and how nice and helpful my branch presidency was in there. It is a good thing you have been reviewing some of the PMG videos to be more prepared! Mom will also enjoy being a mother to the sister missionaries. Pretty insane how many new missionaries are coming in over the next few months and coming year. I am excited to see how it will affect the mission. In March, there are 24 new missionaries coming in and only 7 going home. 
This morning Elder Mills presented his little scriptural thought at the flag ceremony of Gamu, and afterwards we met with the mayor for several minutes. We were able to talk about and introduce the Book of Mormon better to him and answer some of his questions about where it came from and how it is different from the bible. If nothing else, we were able to plant some seeds in his heart and he will better understand why we are here.
Baptism of Lapitan Family
On Saturday, we had the baptism of the Lapitan family and Angie. That is the first baptism I've ever attended/helped baptized that is a family. There are still 2 more of the Lapitan family that are not yet baptized and living at home, but over the last couple weeks, they have increased their desire to participate and even inviting some friends to join in our lessons. It was definitely the only baptism I've attended and have felt such a strong spirit. Most all of the baptisms I have attended in the past are unorganized, people are late (sometimes the latest people are the leaders that are supposed to be presiding), the baptism font is disgusting or not full yet, nobody is dressed appropriately, baptismal clothes are dirty or not accessible, and people are loud throughout the service making it very distracting from the Spirit. But, on Saturday we were actually able to start on time with everybody dressed and ready to go, and President and Sister Carlos even decided to attend. I think about half the people there were missionaries, because the entire Burgos zone attended along with Elder and Sister Mills, Elder and Sister Gottfredson, the Assistants to the President, and a couple other missionaries that were involved in teaching the Lapitan family that President let attend. Everything just went perfect and the Spirit was thick in the air it was impossible to not feel it, especially as they all bore their testimonies after they were baptized. Most everyone in attendance couldn't fight the tears of happiness because they have been so well prepared and have such strong testimonies. That same spirit carried over into sacrament meeting yesterday as they were confirmed and received the Holy Ghost, and bore their testimonies once again (last week was District Conference so yesterday was Testimony meeting). 
Time continues to fly by on wings of lightning, so make the most of it while it lasts!
Mahal ko kayo,
Elder Nay

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