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Monday, January 7, 2013

7 January 2013

Magandang Hapon po!
Hopefully everyone is doing well and enjoying your head colds and flu season. I had my share of it last week too, but fortunately not anything bad enough to keep me from working. It just made it really fun when sitting in the middle of the lesson and then my eyes got really watery and itchy then snot coming gushing out of my nose without warning. Good times.
Last week we had a training meeting in Ilagan (which just like every other training by Pres Carlos, was amazing), and Pres. Carlos told me he wants me to stay until July 31. Which means start planning all of the cool and fun summer vacations for sometime after that so I can join too! Haha. It will be nicer that way so I don't have so much down time before school starts at the end of August. I will be one of the lucky ones to say I had a 25 month mission! It is crazy that it is already time to start planning around when to go home. I'd rather just not think about it because I'm loving it over here and being able to help the church get more established in this part of the world. On saturday we had a stake training meeting that all members of the ward/branch council from the stake were invited to attend because Elder Gottfredson (one of the couple missionaries) came up to give an awesome 2 and half hour training workshop. All of the missionaries from the zone were also invited so we could learn how to better work with the ward council. Being a bishop, stake president, mission president, patriarch, and this being his 4th mission, Elder Gottfredson definitely had some good experience to share. He also came bearing gifts-my packages finally came! I didn't know you sent 2, but thanks! Everything made it safe except for one of the eggnog cartons. Unfortunately, it somehow got a hole punctured on the top, but luckily it didn't get all over everything. When I gave it a squeeze test over the sink and saw curdled chunks come out, I thought it was best to give it a toss. Such a shame. At least there are a couple more. 
We had an interesting experience with one of our progressing investigators. As we were teaching her about Christ’s church and Apostasy, it was clear she understood everything and things started clicking for her as to why there are so many churches throughout the world, but it honestly didn't feel like one of those “wow” lessons that the spirit was super strong. Towards the end of the lesson, we asked her if she had received an answer to her prayer about if what we had been sharing is true, to which she replied yes. She was a little hesitant to reply what her answer was, then the spirit started to fill the room and the noisy distractions around us seemed to go quiet. Seconds later, tears were running down her cheeks and she couldn’t talk clearly. She explained that she knew she had found the true church and wished her family could join too. We had no intentions of giving her a baptism date because weeks earlier when we did so she said she needed to think about it first, but before I knew it the baptism commitment was spilling out of my mouth. Without hesitation she agreed to being baptized in a month.  That is the power of God working in his own due time to answer people’s prayers.  
Well, Maraming salamat po for your support and yummy treats in the package. May God be with you til we write again!     
Mahal ko kayo,
Elder Nay

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