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Monday, January 14, 2013

14 January 2013

Magandang Hapon po!
I can't even imagine having a "high" of 5 degrees and that much snow. Its a good thing I am going home in the middle of summer because I would probably turn into an ice cube if I went home to that. Although it has been rather chilly here the last couple of days. It rained for almost a day straight and luckily it didn't flood the little bridge going to the city so we didn't have to spend twice as much time and money going to church by going the long way. I feel like if it were to rain a couple more drops it would be enough to flood the bridge because it is only a couple feet away from it. Makes it pretty intense crossing it because there is no guardrails or anything to stop you from tumbling off, just a tiny curb. Yesterday it was super cool and windy, which made for a real awesome night sleep and reminded me of the canyon winds back home.
Last Saturday was a pretty fun day because we were so busy traveling and conducting baptism interviews. We happened to interview 3 kids- one year old and two 10 year olds. In general, we try to avoid baptizing kids that young unless they have obvious support from family/friends so they won't become inactive immediately. During all their interviews, it was exciting to see how much they knew and how strong their faith was for being such a young age. Their strong desire to become a member was evident because they were obviously nervous about being able to pass the interview, not knowing that there really is no wrong answer to any of the questions. We were told that one of the girls we interviewed even had a hard time sleeping the night before, anticipating the interview. She was a super cute girl and after the interview, I gave her one of the CTR rings you sent and put it on her and her face beamed. We are also excited because when there are baptism interviews, there are baptisms the next week! The last baptism we attended of a little girl was a super awesome experience because after her baptism she bore her testimony and could barely talk because of how emotional she was, bearing a very powerful testimony that she knew the church was true and she had been wanting to be baptized for sometime now. 
After the busy day of interviews, we attended the Philippines Area Broadcast and they released the goals for 2013. They are keeping all the same as last year, but tweaking a few different approaches to accomplish them. The main focus is still on rescuing those who have fallen away from activity, and missionaries and wards/branches have to coordinate even better to bring better results. It is a great privilege to be part of the search and rescue team. 
I also gave the stake president his mini PMG and oil vial and he was thrilled and said thank you. So thank you! We have also been having fun seeing how many of the nerf darts we can get to stick to our ceiling. :)
Well, try not to freeze to death over there. Ingat!
Mahal ko kayo, 
Elder Nay

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