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Monday, May 21, 2012

21 May 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

Kamusta na po kayo!? Pareng last week lang na nakita tayo! Haha
It was transfer week this week but just like we were hoping for, no transfers for us! Elder Llorin and I have really clicked well together and I have gotten a lot better in my Tagalog because of him. He is even starting to get better at his English! His goal is to be as fluent as possible in English before the next 6 weeks are up. We'll see how that goes. That means I will most likely be here in Mallig for another 3 months because Elder Llorin has been here for 5 months now. We still went to Cauayan though for the meeting and it was fun to see all of my batch and Elder Allen again. President changed the way leadership is done in the mission and instead of 7 zones, there is now 11 zones. This means that every zone is more centralized to each different stake or district here in Cauayan mission. It is interesting to see the growth of the church here that makes it necessary for such changes. 
This week there were an annoyingly amount of brown outs. I think everyday there was a brownout for some period of time. One started in morning and lasted until night. It was really fun to eat lunch while dripping in sweat and fanning ourselves with cardboard. During study time we splash ice water on ourselves to stay awake and so our skin doesn't melt off. There were several more really cool lightning and rain storms too. One night we decided to head home a little early because it was impossible to teach because of how loud it was on people's tin roofs and it was brownout. On our way back the roads and pathways had little rivers running through them and we were absolutely soaked. It was also kind of cool to say I've been so close to lightning too. While fast walking back lightning hit very close by and the flash lit up everywhere around us and the thunder was so loud it almost hurt our ears. It couldn't have been any farther than 50 yards away. Elder Llorin and I couldn't help but laugh when we got back and we were still alive. I'm sure mom is just laughing her guts out too. :) 
I have turned into a fresh fruit junky. I've eaten so many fresh pineapples and mangoes that my mouth can't handle it anymore. They are very yummy! We make really good fruit shakes about everyday. 
Last monday night the Shaners came to an FHE we planned with a bunch of members way out in the middle of the rice fields. They taught a great lesson about the foundations we need for a strong testimony and then enjoyed good food and games. There were probably about 20 people there and everyone had a great time. On the Shaners way out they texted us and told us they were stuck in a hole. Luckily by the time we hopped on a scooter and got to them a bunch of locals had already lifted the front end of their truck out of it. The great thing about being here in such a rural area is that everybody is super nice because they are all so humble. We rarely go home at the end of the day without somebody giving us fresh fruits or vegetables or feeding us, even though it is obvious they don't have much themselves. I wish everybody (including me) could be as humble as the people here.
Mom-instead of me having to tell the Shaners thank you for you, you should skype or email them yourself and tell them! Haha they are super nice and they said it was good to meet you for a few seconds. It is a great help to have them here in the mission, and especially here in the Roxas district. Elder Shaner was a Lieutenant on a nuclear submarine during the Cold War days so he has told me some cool stories. I'm sure they would get a kick out of hearing from you. 
It looks like a good time was had by all at Yellowstone. I'll take a reservation for the trip next year.
Thanks for all you do! 
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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