Philippines Cauayan Mission

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

13 February 2012

Cagayan River 

"Don't throw or burn garbage here"  hmmm... someone forgot
to read!

Elder Nay with some members

Should have brought my cowboy boots!

Water/mud fight


Elder Nay

Magandang Hapon po!

Well, busy busy busy! I'm trying to think of anything exciting to write about but nothing is really coming to mind. And i've been spending a lot of time working on sending a bunch of pictures so I'll just count that as the majority of my letter. After all, pictures are worth a thousand words!
 It's just been another busy week with appointments, splits with ward members, and of course plenty of studying! Next week should be even more busy exciting, with every hour of every day booked with something. I guess there was one thing different in the week. On Saturday all of the missionaries in the Tuguegarao south stake (12 of us) and stake presidency, high council members, prospective elders, and members from the San Bernardo branch participated in a one day mission there. It was a pretty cool sight to see with so many people coming out to work in one concentrated area. The purpose was to pretty much do the same thing we do in our areas, but in the San Bernardo area to help them out. Which means the San Bernardo elders should have a nice workload to do. Over the next several weeks, the same thing will happen in the other wards in the stake. I was on splits with a member of the stake presidency, which was fun. It was a good day especially since the stake provided free food! 
Next week is the baptism of Frederick. He is super excited and even wants to go on a mission, even though his parents are Jehovah and totally against him and not giving him weekly allowance. His girlfriend's family (all members) has been a great help and giving him support he needs. 
Today the zone had an activity at Penablanca again but this time we went to the river and had a water/mud fight. It was actually probably the first time I've been cold enough to shiver here in the Philippines. It was raining, water was cold, and my clothes are still soaked. But, it takes sacrifices to make memories. :)
And mom, that is definitely the first time I've heard about the earthquake in Cebu. Wish I was there to feel it though! Haha
Well I'm not sure about anything else to write about and sending pictures has taken a bit of time. 
Keep on keeping on!
Mahal Kita,
Elder Nay

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