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Monday, October 17, 2011

17 October 2011

  • sunrise 17 Oct 2011


    Magandang hapon!‏

  • Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 13:14:49

    Good to hear from everyone! Glad everything is going well, as always. This morning we woke up at 5 in order to do our laundry before we left to go to some caves near Tuguegarao. It takes about 2 and a half hours to do laundry-and that is just the whites. We take our colors in  to a place to save us some time. Up until 2 years ago, the missionaries were able to pay Nanay members to do their laundry, cook a couple of meals, and clean up the place a bit. Apparently it was making the missionaries lazy, so now it is forbidden in the Philippines. Too bad! Haha. Just as we got to Tuguegarao, we found out the person that was going to take us on their tricy is busy today and can't take us in. So, kind of a waste of waking up early but I guess its nice to be ahead of schedule a little. We woke up to the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen, so that was cool. But then again, I'm never up early enough to ever see sunrises so for all I know they could always be great. Hopefully next week the caves will work out.
    In case you were wondering, it hasn't gotten any colder over here. The last couple of days have been the hottest and sweatiest days yet. Yesterday I was sweating just from stepping outside to tie my shoes for 1 minute. My sweat rags are definitely being put to good use. I know just because I said this, I'm going to get some profound advice from people that love me and tell me to drink plenty of liquids. What a wonderful idea! 
    I have been taking some of my shirts in to have the sleeves refitted so they aren't so baggy and down to my elbows. Its only about 25 pesos per shirt (about 50 cents), so I figured why not. Hopefully instead of having a farmers tan down to my elbow, I'll have it at mid arm. I am also having another pair of pants made. With fabric and labor, I can have it done for 350 pesos (about 9 bucks)-and its personally measured/tailored. I can get used to these prices! Its also nice when we go to eat out at some place and get a decent meal for only 1 or 2 US dollars. 
    This week was a great week for missionary work! We had appointments pretty much every hour every day, and next week is looking like it will be the same. That means we don't spend very much time tracting. It just depends on the week-the first few weeks I was here there was quite a bit of tracting. We have been getting several referrals from members so that has been helping a lot. Yesterday, we had 8 investigators at sacrament meeting. Elder Tangi and I went around to pick up some of them while we assigned some other members to pick up the others. When I say pick up, I mean walk to their place and get them to walk with us to the church. I wish we had a tricy! 
    Some of our investigators are awesome (they're all awesome ofcourse, some are just more awesome than others, haha). Boboy went from smoking 2 packs a day to zero cigarettes. Now we are just hoping it stays that way long enough for him to get baptized. He's been an investigator for several months here. Some new investigators that we've only taught twice now-Peter and Ian-have been very interested and asked us how they could know for themselves if it was true. What a great question! Haha I was more than delighted to tell them. They have been best friends since growing up and both had a dream about how Jesus appeared to them and pushed them in a fire because they needed to repent. They said that when they woke up, it took them a second to realize that they weren't actually on fire because the dream was so vivid. Must be one of those "night visions" you were talking about.
    Well thats about it! Oh, if you could send me just a few good FHE ideas to do with members that would be nice. Some cheezy little games and analogies, little tricks, etc. Maraming salamat po!
    Mahal Kita,
    Elder Nay

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