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Monday, October 24, 2011

24 October 2011

  • Callao Cave

    Callao Cave entrance

    Callao Cave

    An opening in Callao Cave

    Magandang hapon!‏

    6:21 AM
    Well, sounds like everybody is still alive over there so thats always a good thing. This morning we woke up at the crack of dawn again to go to Callao Caves. I might even be a morning person by the time I get back-how insane would that be?! Well, I guess with the time difference I would still be a night person so I'm still safe. The cave was pretty sweet. It is definitely the biggest cave I've been in. It also had several open chambers of light coming in from the top so that was neat. There is usually a bunch of bats in there but we didn't see any. Its about a 40 minute tricy ride from Tuguegarao, and since there were so many of us, I stood on the back the whole time. Our record on one tricy is 10 people including the driver.
    One thing I'm still getting used to here is how early they start celebrating Christmas. For about a month now, I have been listening to christmas music and some people even have a few lights and decorations,but only the richer people can afford them. Its not even Halloween yet! Another weird thing-they celebrate Haloween on the 1st of November instead of Oct. 31st.
    Last week was zone meeting so we all had a little interview with the president. Each time I talk to him, the more I realize how awesome he is. He is very chill and easygoing, and his philosophy about all the little rules (sunglasses, music, going to do fun things on P day, etc) is that if you feel like it will distract from your image and purpose as a missionary, then don't do it. Other than that, there aren't too many rules. It's just up to us to decide for ourselves what is best. He also said how sometimes (about once every blue moon) he writes and calls parents back home just to say hi. He is very loving. And Sister Carlos is a good cook, so thats an extra bonus. Haha
    Yesterday at church there was a primary presentation. The ones here are just as entertaining as the ones at home-kids screaming into the mic, dancing around, pulling faces, sloppy dress, etc. I'm still getting used to how relaxed the meetings are here. Elder Tangi and I are usually in the Priests quorum, but they all left before it started so we just stayed in the Elders Quorum with a bunch of old guys and they just talked the whole time-no lesson. Then afterwards we're supposed to have our missionary coordination meeting, but for whatever reason that was cancelled. Hymns here are interesting-I'll just say that all of the wards back home I've been to sound like the MoTab compared to here.
    I'm hoping that one of these days our neighbor will have some of their chickens and yiping dog for dinner because I can't remember the last time I've had a full nights rest. Chickens here squawk at all hours of the day and night. Luckily its not a big problem because I can fall back asleep really easily. I wish I was talented enough to be like dad and shove an entire ear plug into my ear drum.
    Sounds like another fun weekend of stomping through the fall colors and watching the wildlife. The only big wildlife I see are water buffalo and cows. And instead of fall colors, I get to walk through coconut, bananna, and mango trees. Beat that! Haha. Unfortunately, I don't think the mangoes are in season right now, and I have yet to see some bananas on the trees that I walk past. Not sure if they have a growing season too or if everyone else picks them before I get to them.
    Thats cool Kyle is actually doing real stuff now. I'm sure he could come here and find some people to practice on too. I see people all the time with big bunions and interesting looking toenails. Everybody wears the cheap kind of flip flops so I'm sure nobody has any arch in their foot.
    Have a blast at the depositions this week. I've already been there done that! Be ready to answer the same question phrased in 500 different ways.
    Well, other than the caves, nothing too exciting. Just very busy averaging about 7 appointments per day. It makes the time go by very quickly.
    Happy B-day to B on his B-day this week. He's still my favorite brother in law! Haha. Happy being married for another year too! Glad to see we havn't scared him off yet. :) Happy being married another year to Bill and Carol too! Thanks for the updates each week.
    Mahal Kita,
    Elder Nay

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