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Monday, June 3, 2013

3 June 2013

  • Magandang hapon po!

    Kamusta na kayo!?
    Sounds like a very exciting and busy week celebrating with Dr. Nay! A big congrats to Kyle for all of those years of busting his butt off at school. 
    So far about every P-day here, we meet with a bunch of other missionaries in Solano to play basketball/football, then get something to eat at McDo. Today after playing some football in the blazing heat and eating, me, Elder Sogari and a couple other Elders from the Zone decided to get haircuts. As we were walking around the streets looking for a barber shop that wasn't full of gays, we found a cheap 40 peso one, but I was selected as the test rat to be the first one and see if the people actually knew how to cut hair. I explained very clearly that I needed a number 2 on the sides, 4 on top like usual. He said ok and started up the buzzer. As soon as he made the first cut on the sides, I knew it was going to end up a very interesting haircut because I'm pretty sure it was a 1 he used. Then without asking about my sideburns, hacked them away at top of ear. Then he pulled out the scissors, snipped a few times on top and said I was done. Not wanting a muffin top with the soldiers cut on the sides and a long hair on top, I asked him to take more off. He snipped a few more times and called it good. Meanwhile, the 3 Elders I was with just started laughing and thanking me for taking one for the team. One even felt bad for me and payed for the haircut. After seeing how terrible my hair looked, they decided to find somewhere else, and I decided to get another haircut there (after making someone else go first, haha) to try to fix the terrible haircut just minutes before. Oh well, hair grows back. Haha. As they always say here, it's more fun in the Philippines!
    Our one investigator Mackbilly is still doing awesome and on schedule to be baptized in a few weeks. Even though we have been to his house several times, we still havn't met his parents. Then on Sunday we were walking down the street when some lady stopped us and said, "Are you the ones Mackbilly are with?" Then she introduced herself as his mother and thanked us for being able to get him to go to church, because she is super active in a local catholic church and said even though our churches are different, it is still important that he goes to church to worship God.
    We have another family that we have taught several times and still helping them to understand what the Restoration and Priesthood really is, but after some convincing them that if they really wanted to find out, they needed to read more from the Book of Mormon, pray about it, and go to church, they committed to going to church this Sunday. It is slightly annoying because the most interested one in the family just gave birth 2 weeks ago and said she wants to read the Book of Mormon to find out more but can't because of a tradition they have of not being able to read until after a month of giving birth or else her eyesight will go bad. I told her straight up that there is no truth to that and it was just a false rumor, but she still "doesn't want to take any chances". Oh well, time will come that they will know.
    Well, thanks for all you do and have a good week!
    Mahal ko kayo,
    Elder Nay

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