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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10 December 2012

Magandang Hapon po!

What a week. I think every time I say it was a busy week the next week just gets busier. I feel like we barely had any time to work in our own area this week because of going to Cauayan for training, Christmas devotionals, and a day of attending baptisms in the zone. The Christmas Devotional by the First Presidency was awesome, hopefully you got to watch it. If not, it is always online. I love listening to the music just as much as the talks. They've got some skills! Haha. The Cauayan mission is also sponsoring a Christmas Devotional for every Stake/District in the mission, which was last Friday for us. It was way cool (but then again, everything is planned by Sis. Carlos!), and the missionaries had to perform a couple songs, and the Shaners tagged along with their great musical abilities. Elder Shaner played his violin, and they did several songs which were awesome. I was super happy when we had 2 of our investigator families show up, because even though it is a sacrifice for people to make a trip to the stake center from our area at night, they were definitely in for a treat. The last song we did was "I Believe in Christ", which was kind of fun because its not a typical Christmas song, but then again its a perfect Christmas song because that is what Christmas is all about-Christ. The Spirit was super strong and it definitely helped build my testimony that Christ truly is our one and only Savior.
Not really sure why everyone is freaking out about the whole typhoon thing... If it was up to me, I wish there was a typhoon every week because it makes the temperature to a blistery 65 degrees and a nice breeze. Just as long as it doesn't directly hit Cauayan... Haha. I have loved the cool days and good nights sleep. There really hasn't been much rain here, just perfect temperatures. 
Earlier, we spent several hours getting our apartment all ready to be packed away. Tomorrow, the Shaners are coming with their truck to help us move into our new apartment. It will definitely be a nicer place and keep us from having to travel so much everyday. At last, I will be able to live in an apartment that I found! Haha. But, transfers are on Thursday, so I may only get to live in it for 1 day before being transferred. It will be nice to just spend Christmas here, but, it's not exactly up to me. I've been here for 4 and a half months, so odds are starting to add up against me. I'm guessing the package should be here by then so I can probably pick it up this week. 
I'm happy to Skype any time that the most people will be available, because I do want to be able to talk to everyone at least for a couple minutes-even if everybody is scattered across the U.S. If it works out for everyone, maybe lets just plan on my December 26 about 9AM. Probably be about 7PM for you... Just let me know if that is okay with everyone. If your Christmas eve will be better, we can do that too.
Anyways, thanks for your letters and support. Good luck to mom having her neck hacked at this week.
Mahal ko kayo!
Elder Nay

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